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  1. So my brother and I have recently been working on an all-new project together, but only recently have we decided that it would be best to have it as a webcomic (instead of a full cartoon series, like we were originally planning).

    Read the first nine strips.
    Read more info.

    The art style and writing is by no means going to stay the same as these initial strips - we may also update them in case we can figure out something better. We also need to figure out the best way of creating these as a team to make sure the quality is as high as possible (since Ben did these all himself with a little bit of guidance from me).

    We're going to try a M-W-F update schedule, so starting next week, tune in at those times for the new strips.

    Please enjoy it so far! :D Feedback of any kind will be appreciated. ;)

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    2. Jimmy


      *sigh* Why do I even bother coming back to this thread...

      EDIT: ...by that, I mean I get the general message that it kinda sucks in its current state. Still, I've taken the constructive feedback we've gotten so far on board - that is, after all, the only way we have of improving/perfecting this thing.

      After this first chapter, Ben and I are going to be working on new stuff from scratch (rather than basing it on the material from our animated version of the chapter). If it still sucks beyond that point, well, I can only apologize in advance. But I'm not gonna be posting further updates on the webcomic in this thread, so you guys can just check on its progress if you want. This is a project very dear to us, though (especially since it's been "in the pipeline", as it were, for about 7 years), and we'll continue to stick with it.

      So yeah, again, sorry about the suckage 'n' whatnot. I'll continue to map, mod and make music for Doomworld, that hopefully won't suck quite so much.

      ...Dunno what Ben will do. His own thing, I guess. :P

    3. darkreaver


      Jimmy91 said:

      I'll continue to map, mod and make music for Doomworld, that hopefully won't suck

      It most certainly won`t

    4. j4rio


      Hey, don't feel bad. Thanks to this thread I found out about some cool comics I've never heard of. (Thanks, Gez)