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  1. A battle of the bands contest is taking place not far from where I live, and my brother and I are eligible to enter. It's being advertised as "the big break your band has been looking for" and it looks like there's some great prizes available.

    We've just been notified that we've been selected to perform. There'll be three other bands at the event, all mainly in the age range of 12-18. We have until October 28th to get our live rig, our stage presence and a 25-minute set sorted out. This'll mean playing pretty much all the songs we have planned for our eventual EP, but we need to get them into a presentable state, not to mention rendering instrumental versions of the songs that we can use as backing tracks, and setting up my laptop so that my keyboard can play bits of the songs.

    Looks like we're gonna be pretty busy for the next two months. As such, I'd like to point out that I won't be taking a great deal of requests, if any, until further notice.

    Here are the two tracks we submitted. One is an original called "Control", the other is a remix/cover of Pendulum's "The Island". We've worked as hard as we possibly could on them, and overall I think we actually did pretty well with the final vocal take. (It's nothing absolutely stellar, though. We still have a long way to go in the singing department.)


    Eager to hear all of your thoughts. Please take us to the cleaners with your criticism. Please. :P

    We have a Facebook page, too. (Please "like" even if you hate us.)

    So does anyone here have any experience with these events? It'll be our first ever.

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    2. Jimmy
    3. printz


      Jimmy said:

      Meanwhile as far as internet singers go, this chick is an absolute beast.
      (Younger than me, too. And prettier. Shit, how unfair is the world, seriously.)

      Sorry for bumping but this is what I remember the name from. Christina Grimmie has been shot dead today after performing at a concert :(

    4. Jimmy


      Thanks for the heads-up, I found out yesterday when my dad told me. Weekend thoroughly ruined.

      EDIT: Locking the thread because who needs to listen to my singing from 4 years ago.