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  1. Sorry, this is another vent thread.

    It's been too long since I last earned anything. I really need to contribute to my family's financial standing since I'm nearly 21 and still living with my parents.

    The obvious route for me to take is to earn money online through making music, but I'm really not sure where to begin. My brother and I are taking a small break from our band while we figure out what to do with that next. But in the meantime it would be good if I could start earning money aside from that project as soon as possible.

    I've had the idea of earning commission from writing songs for indie game developers. I doubt anyone would pay for MIDIs, though - the only medium of composition I have any real experience in. If I suddenly started charging for MIDI requests on this board I'm pretty sure it would be dick-move of the century. (Well, I don't know for sure. Would anyone agree with it?)

    So I'm going to try and get used to producing with Reason as much as I possibly can. I find proper music production very daunting and difficult, though, so it will probably take me way longer than I'm prepared to wait before I can produce satisfactory-sounding songs that people will actually want to buy. I really need to start earning NOW with the skills that I have.

    My dad seems pretty intent on me using video marketing to promote myself as an artist, but video production is another gruelling process that I hate. (This is the latest project of his that he's absolutely sure will turn us into superstar zillionaires.) I mean, maybe I could get used to the concept of producing a video every week or so, but I'm sick of using video editing suites that suck, and being as camera-shy as I am.

    Basically, I don't really have anything musical to sell yet, and I should do by now. One project that's on the table is for me to remake all my Harmony tunes in Reason, and sell them as an album of their own. My dad's taken the initiative on that project, and he's running the MIDIs through Reason and attaching all manner of custom sounds to them.

    Any advice on this whole front would be gladly received. I'm at a total loss as to where the heck to begin.

    Oh, by the way, my dad won't allow either of us to get a 9-to-5. He's been an accountant for about 25 years and hated every millisecond of it, so he has told us as long as we've been alive (or at least since he heard you could make money through the internet) that we shouldn't follow in his footsteps.

    Not sure I completely agree with his philosophies.

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    2. Khorus


      esselfortium said:

      The problem with this is that the actual result of just applying instruments like this to a preexisting midi that was written around certain sounds, is usually a significant and noticeable downgrade in the coherence and general quality of the song. In my experience it's impossible to do a midi conversion adequately without a lot of manual programming of patches and effects. Yes, the songs can be upgraded to full audio mixes and it would be worth the trouble to do so, but it takes a lot more work, practice, and tedium to do it in a way that would be presentable than you're making it sound like :P

      Exactly. Sound design and mixing are not things that can be slapped on with some VSTs.

      I hope you things go well for you, Jimmy.

      EDIT: If shit did become serious for you let me know, we have a spare room. You aren't alone buddy

    3. BlackFish


      esselfortium said:

      Yes, the songs can be upgraded to full audio mixes and it would be worth the trouble to do so, but it takes a lot more work, practice, and tedium to do it in a way that would be presentable than you're making it sound like :P

      Mixing is a bitch indeed, from my experience. What I wanted to say was that rather than going nuts trying to make new material he can convert his better midi material into mp3 format and expose them as soundtrack work for a CV.

    4. RestlessRodent


      I'd get some job, even if it were a 5-9. At least in the US, we won't be getting any new full time job nows, and even those will be shortened (thanks to our President).

      I myself work 11 PM to 7:30 AM 5 days a week on a dead end job earning minimum wage ($7.25 * 40 * 0.8 == ~$200/w). It is tough knowing that one day your employee might just cut your hours so that i'll be bringing in $100/w. I still work on ReMooD, but very slowly, work drains me like a tomato in a microwave.

      Apart from ReMooD, I barely touch both my Indie Game and my Operating System. Not much time between 3 projects and a bunch of other endeavors that will leave me broken.

      Luckily for me, I've landed in a situation where I can possibly live without working (due to the place I moved to in a small rural area, although it is a suburb to a suburb, and no bills or rent to pay!). But for those plans to work out, I need money first, and lots of money. I'm hoping that I can get all this done before the economy hits the fan.

      But, I'd probe around the indie game development. Start small and easy to know what you can do. You could even get picked up by a huge company if you are lucky. Or you could be popular and be able to split off into some consulting firm of sorts. You could always have the same customer. Depends on what satisfies you. Sometimes, achieving something small you are happy with is much better than gaining something large that you hate.