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  1. I've just won one, after I entered a draw at my local university's open day last month. Going to collect it next week. I'm pretty chuffed, and kind of excited, because I haven't used any Apple products besides an iPod Nano, and briefly a Mac computer when I used the one in my school's studio (which did affirm my belief that I'll always prefer PCs :P).

    However, while it opens up a bunch of possibilities in the form of thousands of iOS-exclusive apps I was never able to use before, I already do everything I need with my laptop, so I don't know how useful one would be to me.

    ...Aside from the possible uses listed here.

    ...Anyone use an iPad? At all? Maybe? xP

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    2. GooberMan


      Work gave everyone a Mini for christmas last year.

      Good size, having a tablet is handy. But fuck, iOS is frustrating to use for anything other than web browsing.

    3. Sporku


      My iPad Mini is currently acting as an overpriced photo frame and bedside Reddit viewer. Can't think of anything else I'd want to use it for.

    4. geo


      Last year I had a few friends that bought iPads for work and or college. They couldn't type properly with auto correct making them look like retards and 2 of them took them back to get an actual laptop. The other 2 friends just don't use them and went back to their old devices.

      My gf's work gave everyone an iPad mini last June or something like that. She never uses it. She's a Mac person totally, but she feels the touch screen doesn't work for her at all.

      Anyone find it interesting how many free iPad minis there are floating around there?

      Microsoft will be doing the same thing with its 6 million unsold surface tablets >> http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/articles/492120/20130718/microsoft-takes-900-million-charge-surface-tablets.htm