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  1. 29th March 2006. A Wednesday.

    I signed on to my first internet forum - skulltag.com - and posted some shitty monster recolors, suggesting they should be in Skulltag's additional monster roster, because I was a n00b like that. Like this:

    Nothing special of course, but strangely it's still on the R667 Beastiary.

    Ten years later...

    Well, probably most significantly, I'm in another continent entirely. Have been for 4 and a bit years now.

    Achievement-wise I've probably not done bad... I've composed nigh-on 500 tracks for the community, I've mapped a bunch, including a megawad (though I'm getting close to a second) and have so far released one third of the full game project I started even way before joining this community. I was honored to receive Cacowards for both those major projects, and I've managed to involve myself in more than a few high-tier community projects too... also, exactly as it was ten years ago, I still have a kabillion personal projects in the pipeline. :D

    (Oh yeah, and ten years later, SLADE can do a much better batch-recolor job than I did with PSP5 at recoloring that cyberdemon, frame by frame. (For some reason I'm still using PSP5, though. Old habits and such.))


    I can't believe how fast a decade has gone, honestly. But I have to say that despite my rocky beginnings, I'm pretty pleased with my work for the community. I actually value those Cacowards pretty high up on my list of life achievements... which seems dumb of me to say - given that pleasing a bunch of people in one single corner of the vast, unforgiving realm of the World Wide Web ain't that hot - and given that I never actually drew up a list of life accomplishments. Nah. Gez and Eris kinda did that for me.

    But seriously, being part of the online Doom community has definitely been a life-molding experience. My sense of doing good work for a community at large has been heightened. I've been conditioned to think and review the work of myself (and others) very critically, maintaining high standards in terms of design and music alike. I have also overcome intense social anxiety thanks to the outlets of forums, IRC, instant messaging, and more recently Twitch chats. So I do owe a lot to this community.

    Thanks for 10 years, y'all. *raises toast glass full of tea*

    Here's to another... bunch.

    This habit is probably not dying hard - not even with a vengeance.

    (this was not meant to be a long post, help)

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    2. GreyGhost


      Let us know when it's up, I'd like to revisit those forums.

    3. Tango


      Marcaek said:

      hey tango might as well mention that a complete backup of the st archive was obtained and a zan admin is working on getting it up somewhere

      holy moly that is amazing, I would love to see that!

    4. stewboy


      My first memory of you Jimmy is working with you on plutonia 2! I felt like everyone on the team (you included!) was a big shot and I was just the small fry that someone had dragged in to throw in a couple of things, and I was very nervous around everyone. (I also didn't have a huge amount of experience in writing music for Doom back then!)
      So I'm glad you kind of took me on board a bit and trusted me :P
      By the way, since I am so sloppy with keeping my email inbox maintained, I still have the old plutonia 2 development emails from late 2008/early 2009 from the yahoogroups thing.