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  1. This is a mint-Flake cheesecake with an Oreo base.

    I really ate way too much of this

    if this keeps up I will not live another 25 years

    What are your favorite cakes Doomworld?


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    2. Varis Alpha

      Varis Alpha

      Swedish Princess Cake is still my favorite when it comes to cake. its most defining characteristic is its layer of green marzipan, which can sometimes vary in different colors, and sometimes has a marzipan rose in the center.


      you can find numerous recipes of it if you search for Swedish princess cake (the "Swedish" bit is important; otherwise you'd get results that are more in-tune to what you'd think a "princess cake" would look like.) i dunno if bakeries in other countries carry them around regularly.

    3. Fonze


      Jimmy said:

      I posted this thread at midnight Nov 30. That cake was actually made and eaten the day before, which means your well wishes are far from belated. :D Thanks everyone!


      Still the literal best thing ever.

      That picture clears up a lot of questions I had with the OP's pic. Jimmy, did you mix the crust mix in with the cheesecake? Heh, still looks good tho.

    4. Aquanet


      Anything with cream cheese frosting and multiple layers. Yes, carrot cake, yes.

      The rejected wedding cakes that sometimes get delivered to my work.

      The Super Triple Double Choco Decadent cake they have at chain restaurants.