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  1. This is a mint-Flake cheesecake with an Oreo base.

    I really ate way too much of this

    if this keeps up I will not live another 25 years

    What are your favorite cakes Doomworld?


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    2. Tracer


      MrGlide said:

      Happy birthday Jimmy, cake looks great. I like german double chocolate.

      Just had to one-up me, huh?

    3. Marcaek


      Man german chocolate is amazing hnggggggggggggggggggggg make it a triple

    4. Jimmy


      I posted this thread at midnight Nov 30. That cake was actually made and eaten the day before, which means your well wishes are far from belated. :D Thanks everyone!

      Job said:

      In any case, I'd eat a piece of that. Got a recipe?

      Marcaek said:

      sheeeeeit did i miss the chance to post this???


      Still the literal best thing ever.

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