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  1. @Baratus and I entered into the Global Game Jam (GGJ) ’18 with a game of our own that we managed to put together in about 48 hours. It’s a short puzzle-platformer made on the GZDoom engine with harsh abstract visuals, called nu//void (pronounced “null-void”).



    Download link at the very bottom.





    You have only one “weapon” – click your mouse to switch the lights "on" and "off" with a snap of your fingers. This will invert the colors black and white in the game world, exposing hidden doors, switches and platforms that you will need to find to progress.


    Find your way through the labyrinth, and collect the three artefacts, before making your way to the exit door.


    Oh yeah, and keep an eye (and ear) out – for the phantom.

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    2. Jimmy


      Why? It's uh... already a thing that... exists on its own?

    3. DooM_RO


      It was just an idea. Doom already had secret Wolf3D levels in it.


      Anyway, I really liked the idea! The platforming could use a bit of work though. The part where you have to turn on/off midflight was awkward.


      I hope you make a full game out of this.

    4. Jimmy



      It was just an idea. Doom already had secret Wolf3D levels in it.


      Sure, but this game has a vastly different set of core mechanics - it's not run around and shoot things, it's carefully using your only weapon to change the geometry, unlock secrets, etc. It'd be really out of place in Square.


      The simplistic visuals aren't necessarily part of it because we deliberately chose to go for another "cartoony" aesthetic like Square's, it's just that we had less than about 2 days to put the whole thing together, so we kind of had to resort to using simple solid colors (that said, other games we saw made for this jam had some very lovingly crafted art assets which were very impressive for a development time of less than 2 days).



      I hope you make a full game out of this.


      Undecided as to whether there'll be more. Ben will need to be on board with that as well. I'm sure there could be more, given proper time to flesh out the central concept a bit - but honestly I'm happy with this being the full game.