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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q5V5mbMXgbo

    In this video:

    + I show you what exciting things I've been up to this week.
    + I moan about my sleep pattern.
    + I fail at playing my own songs.

    This issue must have come up by now in this forum, but it's a major problem for me. Surely there are some other people here who try their best to moderate their sleeping patterns and still fail dismally. I acknowledge my subpar health has something to do with it, by the way - and it's a massive pain not being able to sleep when needing to, and wanting to sleep when it's the last thing to do.

    What do you do to try and manage your sleeping pattern?

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    2. Coopersville


      If my pattern gets all messed up, I just deal with it. Being sleep deprived and mildly insane is fun in its own way. If I have free time, I'm not above sneaking in a nap. Getting drunk and passing out sometimes works.

    3. Alfonzo


      I sleep in what is effectively a sarcophagus. Because the circulation is so poor and the air so still, I sleep a great deal longer than I usually do outside the room where a tickling draft might nudge me awake at a more reasonable hour such as... say... 11 am.

      I need to install one of those Wallace and Gromit contraptions to bash me awake in the early hours, or better still: have a colander of ice cubes aligned with the morning bough drip water onto my forehead after sunrise.

    4. Grazza


      I don't have a sleep pattern. I sleep if I'm tired, and don't if I'm not. It works for me<sup>TM</sup>. I used to have something like a 25-29 hour cycle, so the period of the day when I'd typically sleep would gradually switch from day to night, though not in any regular way. The nice thing about operating this way is that jet-lag is a non-issue, as there is no sleep pattern to get disrupted.

      At university, I'd sometimes adopt a 48-hour cycle for a while, sleeping alternate nights.

      The last couple of years I've had more of a daily routine than I used to (I now operate to a 24-hour cycle of some sort), but it's still pretty flexible.

      Apparently, the human body/brain functions better with a cycle of (e.g.) 25 hours than it does with one of 23 hours, which is why most people find it easier to cope with flying west than east. Maybe something to bear in mind when planning a round-the-world multi-stop trip. Whether this has anything to do with 32-unit glides being easier in that direction, I don't know. :p