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  1. I am tremendously bored.

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    2. ArmouredBlood


      Jimmy91 said:

      I'm working on a MIDI of Iconoclast's finale track "Reign in Madness".

      The original, for reference:

      ZOMG, actual new symphony x midis? Awesomeness. Can't wait to hear them (and probably use them, heheh).

    3. Jimmy


      This is my first attempt at a SX song and it turned out to be a lot easier than I thought (although it did still involve literally an entire afternoon's worth of work). I think the main reason for that is the song's complexity stems from its progressiveness rather than the manic solos that make up a lot of the other tracks on Iconoclast. I have no problem with weird time signatures (most of the time) but I honestly have no idea where to begin when Romeo or Pinnella start shredding. :S So I'm not sure if I'll do one next, or if I do, which one. Maybe Bastards of the Machine.

      Feel free to use my Reign in Madness MIDI if you wish, AB. :P I'm gonna reupload it once it's done. I can't transcribe the aforementioned solos which kick in at about 6:40 and the drums might be a bit inaccurate, but I think it overall sounds pretty okay. :P

    4. Jimmy


      Okay, it's finished. Go and grab it. :D