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  1. Oogaland

    Error in CreateBitmapPointer

    It's still not up and is outside my control, but it's looking like it might be back within a few days. One thing I didn't mention about using native oleaut32.dll is that back when I tried it (which was a couple of years ago), Win98's worked but XP's didn't -- so that might be worth looking into.
  2. Oogaland

    Error in CreateBitmapPointer

    IIRC it's a problem with Wine's IPicture implementation. Whether it was that or something else, I tinkered with the bitmap code to work around the problem, but unfortunately the SVN server where my fork is hosted is down ATM, so I can't put together a patch. In the meantime, try using native oleaut32.dll -- although I think this has its own problems.
  3. Oogaland

    error 6 in 3d mode: overflow

    There's a bug in 3D mode's timer that causes it to overflow if the system's been running more than a few weeks, IIRC.
  4. Oogaland

    Doom BuilderX

    Doomguy0505: There might be some things of interest in the version that I forked for SRB2, which you're welcome to merge into DBX if you like. Here's a changelog. I'll PM you a link to the SVN repo if you're interested, rather than just post it, since it's on a rather low-bandwidth server.
  5. Oogaland

    ZDoom scripting

    You need to have cmcs32.ocx in your system directory (normally C:\windows\system32). Then run "regsvr32 cmcs32.ocx" without the quotes. It's the ActiveX control for the text editor.
  6. Oogaland

    Editing in Doombuilder

    You need to set the correct game configuration. DB comes with several configuration files by default, including for Boom, but you can also write your own should you feel the need to. To set the game config, choose 'Map Options' from the Edit menu, or press F2. Also note that you need to set the IWAD for each game configuration. DB should guide you through that, or you can set them yourself in Tools->Preferences->Files.
  7. Oogaland

    Doom BuilderX

    Ah, looks interesting. Speaking of patches, I have quite a bit of stuff in the version I adjusted for SRB2 that might be useful in general... Maybe I should do something similar.
  8. Oogaland

    Error during saving maps

    It might be worth taking a look at Parameters.cfg, in that case, just to see if, somehow, some spaces have ended up where they shouldn't be.
  9. Oogaland

    Error during saving maps

    Have you edited the map configuration file or the wad's settings file (blahblah.dbs)? This error occurs if anything on the left of an equals sign has a space in it.
  10. Oogaland

    msvbvm50.dll not found. What do I do?

    In addition to the above, which are the VB6 runtime libraries, you'll need the VB5 ones, too. The particular error that you got corresponds to these ones.
  11. Oogaland

    Testing: Command line preview as parsed

    As a workaround, you could use an executable that just echoes its command line while you're setting the parameters, and then switch back to the real one once you've got it right. As it happens, I've got one floating about : you can get it here.
  12. Oogaland

    Help drawing 16mm lines.

    You'll need to make the grid smaller: by default, it snaps to 32 fracunits. Click the 'grid' section of the status bar at the bottom of the window. Or just turn off snapping.
  13. Oogaland

    Runtime Error?

    MSVBVM50.DLL is part of the Visual Basic 5 runtimes, not the VB6 ones, so that might be the problem if you've only tried installing the latter.
  14. Oogaland

    3d floor support in 3d mode/compromise.

    3D floor support is certainly possible - I added it when I adapted DB for SRB2, which uses Legacy's 3D floor implementation (see this thread). It doesn't allow texture alignment yet, but that would be simple enough to add.
  15. Hello, firstly. I've recently been working on a modification of Doom Builder -- for which I thank CodeImp muchly -- with a view to making it more suitable for use with SRB2 (srb2.org). Although many of the new features I've implemented are particular to that mod, there are others which may be more generally useful (e.g. the ability to draw sectors in 3D mode), particularly if you're designing maps for Legacy. For the curious, an alpha build can be found at http://homepages.inf.ed.ac.uk/s0569864/. I'll make the source available should anyone request it.