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  1. Cauldronborn

    the 3rd novel - any good?

    Although that was the name that Flynn and Arlene gave them. Note that it isn't technically the "Freddies", but the "Freds", which doesn't sound quite as comical.
  2. Cauldronborn

    Sometimes, I wonder... [id caring about Doom]

    Which is even more bizarre, given that back in '98(ish), when the entire DooM fanbase was screaming, "Give us DooM ]|[!!!" He responded with "Nah, I'm *so* past DooM. I'm gonna create the shittiest FPS'er I can think up: DaiKatana! YEAH! THAT WOULD SO ROCK!" So he released it, and everyone said: W... T... F?!
  3. Cauldronborn

    Some gfx ideas

    Read the mythology of a mancubus. It's supposed to be fat.
  4. Cauldronborn

    Some gfx ideas

    I thought I'd post some monster graphics concepts that I've had over the years. Feel free to respond with suggestions, ideas, or (constructive) criticism. * I once did a (very badly done) cyber-imp, who had a metal plate over half of its chest, and half of its skull was metal. It had a couple of power cables attached to its arm from its back. * I actually like what they did with the Pinkie in Doom³. I wonder how it could look in DooM][. * I once altered the Revenant's rockets to look like eyeballs, complete with trailing optic-nerve/retinae. That looked cool, once all the sprites were altered. * One thing I did was change the oncoming rocket sprite into a yellow smiley-face. :) * The Mancubus could use some work, though I don't like the Doom³ look at all. Still, it is my favorite demon. :D * I could be wrong, but think the rocket sprite itself is a bit big. While great from a comical standpoint, it kinda makes the Cyberdemon look a bit less "believable" from a profile vantage, if he's blasting at some poor bastard that's got his attention. ---
  5. Cauldronborn

    how much time have you spent on the Doom series

    Oh, I've spent roughly eight or so years playing, though I've not touched DooM since about '02, until these past few days. Most of my time used to be spent designing arena levels, but lately, I've been thinking up a new set of graphics for the critters. I'll post some of my ideas in one of the graphic/WAD development forums.
  6. Cauldronborn

    the 3rd novel - any good?

    Yes. I have a copy of Infernal Sky sitting on the chair right next to me, and I'm still mourning the loss of the copy of Knee Deep In The Dead that I once had. Must replace that. I'd also like to find Hell On Earth, while I'm at it. No, seriously. the third one just sucks after about the second chapter. Although I still like the phrase: "Flynn Taggart, bring me some duct tape from the toolbox, an armload of computer-switch wiring, and the biggest goddam boot you can find!" That's pretty much the highlight of the entire book, right there. Final note: Weems was a fuckwit. Thank you.