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  2. alpha3 is done (all speed optimizations is done) support MMX and 3dnow! instructions,intel suck deeply;) Now u can get exe,and sources here:
  3. 2blacklaunchr author >this brings back *TO* many bad memories of Fly hehe ofcourse... >JEBAS SAVE US!!! hold on baby 8-)
  4. 2 nightmare >The author of CSDoom, which AFAIK ZDaemon also uses code from, is also russian, so you could have potentially been in legal trouble from him :) loool Fly cool man ,and he dont care any legal stuff like me ;) But he little arrogant and in this case we kick asses each other,or just drink some beer together and make a deal 8-) 2 esayeek >sharo, let me put it this way: not releasing the source code Iam not really worried about releasing source code...iam write it just for fun and no planned get a many ... therefore... this problem is not exist/strained. >my mommy is russian Heh... want i say u some funny words on russian about licensing? ;-) Fod is completely right. 2 bond ;-)))))))
  5. 2 nightmare relax man I really dont care about this crap coz i live in piracy country 8-) BTW i get a answer and maybe iam done alpha3 and post sources somewhere... Or if i drop it i post it too...
  6. 2 esayeek I really scared u forget a peoples,authors a mpss coder. maybe iam must scare all my piracy software? WOW iam a deadman. haha 2 cph well i post the srcz when i add more optimizations from other sources (iam replace some files in coder to their MMX and 3dnow! optimized versions from other app: avi2mpg) Now iam waiting a answer of author about availability newer version avi2vcd(and newer MPSS coder version) If u SO needed a this source , contact with MAZter in
  7. me dont care about any legally stuff
  8. hmmm its zdaemon .99 source modification
  9. About realtime - it is no demorecording,but its a real-time(or not;) video recording,then need very high speed CPU. About hosting - iam not have my own hosting ,and i give it to our russian friends. Sources is not available yet. How its works : zdaemon 0.99 ( + freely mpeg MSSG group encoder( = this thing(addintion by me,compiling by vc6,packing by upx ;-).
  10. In this buggy/laggy version u can crop/resize and record ur dm in mpeg1 video. grab it from Stupid usage - in console "mpg_record [filename]" More cmds is present too (press mpg_ and tab for view) for normal working >1.5Ghz CPUs REQUIRED Author - me. Bye.
  11. wow guys u have a crazy machines,hehe... well when i done normal encoding i post it somthing here
  12. Today i just sit and add ingame mpeg video encoder to zdaemon...(mpeg1 encoder and mpg_record/mpg_stop commands) I use unoptimized berkley's encoder,and perfomance was VERY slow... On my Duron 933 320x240 screens adds to mpeg file with fps max - 23 ,and less 10< I think if i find other mpeg1 encoder or other mpeg4 encoder and presumably maybe it come on half faster...will that have sense with this big perf. requierements? I dont know... I want to know middle speed of CPU's used by community peoples ... Please post here your higher CPU model ,which u use for play doom. ---------- SHAROMPOKATI.RU
  13. porting zdaemon into prboom its one BIG step to back
  14. fuck that oldschoolers,fuck that old maps doom must goto next... If u wanna play oldschool goto LAN and play ORIGINAL FEATURED doom.exe 1.9