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  1. Scet

    How to lose 22 pounds ('really fast)

    Last year I lost 12 pounds in 2 days thanks to the wonders of salmonella. Anyway if you don't feel like vomiting away the weight I would suggest the low-sugar high-fiber approach. As Csonicgo warned though if you're used to a low fiber diet and then go higher, expect many more trips to the toilet. I recommend lots of veggies, fruits, nuts and whole grains. Basically avoid all stripped and refined carbs.
  2. Scet

    what religion do you believe?

    I've started going by non-theist, only because most atheists I've met IRL tend to be the super asshole atheist type. I really don't care what other people believe as long as it doesn't make it into the law. Even if public officials want to put up a Christmas tree in their office, I don't see the big deal. I would go by naturalist, but nude beach goers stole that word. Big Electron for life.
  3. Scet

    Arizona Election Fraud

    I'm sure there will be more of these stories, happens every US election. Whichever candidate was bought and paid for (Hillary) will be the next president. The corporate masters pulling the strings will alter whatever paperwork, electronic booths, convention rules or election law to make it all seem legit despite the actual votes. No one will do jack shit about it because those with the power to do so have a fatter wallet.
  4. Scet

    So what is the best Zelda game?

    I haven't played any of the 3D games past Ocarina and I wasn't much of a fan. I think because I only played it for the first time a couple years ago versus it's release. It suffers from a lot of "early 3D" problems, bad controls and camera problems. The whole time I just kept thinking how more enjoyable the 2D games were. I'll go with: LttP, Awakening, Oracles, Zelda 1. I want to like Zelda 2, but it just kicks my ass every time.
  5. I think around season 10 (2006) is when it started getting very MTV-ish with random celebrity inserts every episode. I don't mind that they switched to being more topical instead of the childhood adventures of the early seasons, they need content, but I'm just not interested in celebrity crap. The last couple years have been pretty good though. Other than the two terrible Pewdiepie episodes HorrorMovieGuy mentioned, season 18 was almost celebrity free. I will say that even at it's worst there were enough strong episodes now and than to hold my interest, unlike The Simpsons which went straight down the toilet and never climbed out.
  6. Scet

    Doom SNES Hacking Guide/Documentation

    The only way I can see of running this on hardware outside of ripping out an old SuperFX chip is via an FPGA board. Making a flash cart with the FPGA in place of the SuperFX. This is what most of the cheapo "100 Atari games inside a joystick" things use. I know there's code for most of the classic consoles, don't know about the SuperFX. Really this is another form of emulation though, hardware instead of software.
  7. Scet

    Weird psychos that end up in Post Hell

    If you think about, and I unfortunately did, a video game forum would be a good place to prey on find a lonely teen-something "apprentice". Video games despite being marketed now as "sociable" are still primarily aimed at folks with mountains of free time, which includes weirdo shut-ins. Having worked in warehouses/factories forever I can say there are A LOT of old guys that never mentally matured past high school. Never going past 12 isn't much of a reach.
  8. Scet

    DOS Programming - Advice?

    You're probably going to get frustrated just setting up the compiler under DOS than actually learning the language. If your BASIC software is working, keep using that. It'll teach you the concepts of programming, and it'll be easy to switch languages from there. Too many newbies get hung-up on what language is best, when really early on the most important thing is just getting something working.
  9. Scet

    2015 Christmas Thread

    I've felt the same way since my mid-teens, but my family has never been big on gifts. My sister and I have never done an exchange, also no big exchanges among friends. My old man knew Christians shouldn't celebrate corporate materialism, and my mother has scaled back. So other than getting the latest SNES/PS1 games as a kid, I've never had much of a list, but that's fine. These days when I get invited to some Christmas gathering I just do some baking. Being among family and friends is what today is about.
  10. Scet

    Best cheap eats?

    Vegetarian shepherds pie, which replaces the meat with beans and mushrooms. Potatoes, peas, carrots and beans, pretty cheap. Mix in some tomato paste and spices with the beans for some flavour. Also look up "flax eggs", the vegan answer to baking. You could make plenty of pancakes/waffles/muffins for dick all using that technique.
  11. Scet

    Carnage in Paris

    I don't see the logic in saying "most people of race X are religion Y, therefor insulting Y is insulting X". There are people in those areas that aren't Muslim, pretty sure they'd cry racism of your assuming everyone of their race wants to be part of it. Again this tying of race and religion. A Muslim is a person that follows Islam, Islam is not a race. Are anti-Atheist racists a thing? Are people that bash Atheism racist against Europeans? No that argument makes zero sense, except for some reason Islam. Look kids it's thought crime time. Hey is it a crime to think ill of the Westboro Baptist Church? Probably not. Yeah that's what Muslim means, again, a person that follows Islam. Yet somehow you and fraggle have come to the conclusion Muslim means every brown person living in the Gulf or North Africa, which seems a bit racist. An Atheist Muslim makes about as much sense as an Atheist Catholic.
  12. Scet

    Carnage in Paris

    I don't know what you're really getting at. I put "for adults" because I realize there is religious indoctrination in families. I won't blame children for believing in fairy tales, but for adults I most certainly will. As for those locations it might not always be a good idea to tell others your faith and it may be necessary to lie about what it really is. However internally it remains a choice. Unlike religion, race is something that can't be changed, hence why it shouldn't be ridiculed. No one would say Atheism or Christianity were races, so why is it the reverse for Islam?
  13. Scet

    Carnage in Paris

    Except Islam isn't a race, it's a religion. A religion is a choice, at least for adults.
  14. Scet

    Discovery Credibility Sharks

    The problem with every non-religious non-earth origins theory is that they don't cover how the entities/aliens/whatever originated. Even if you say they were created by something else, at some point there must have been one species that originated by natural means, thereby nullifying the need for these crackpot creator theories.
  15. Scet

    Discovery Credibility Sharks

    If you think that's bad, History ran a show that was nothing but 3D dinosaurs fighting. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jurassic_Fight_Club I don't think there's a big conspiracy to dumb people down, I think they were already dumb enough. The networks figured out they could make more money selling garbage, they're a business, no need for conspiracy. The big networks run Survivor clones and mindless sitcoms. That's what people were tuning into while actual educational shows were on. Now Discovery and the others have some of that audience.