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  1. Meat_Head

    PrBOOM vs. ZDoom

    PrBoom, people have a need for something simple and that has the old style of game play.
  2. Meat_Head

    Pablo's Teaser

    I'll have to re-install Quake. :>
  3. Meat_Head


    ...such a crippled attempt for an insult, I've seen better.
  4. Meat_Head


    ...it's just that when somebody announces some project in the works, certain people tend to be like pigeons and crap all over it; I despise that behavior. I seen enough ideas gone to the crapper myself, so some encouragement might help such ambitous creators. Zeku, that applies to anybody and anything :)
  5. Meat_Head


    Xenogenesis looks to be a another good partial conversion. :) About my being "rude", yeah; I am to Andrew Bassett; because he's being mean spirited about his predediction of demise for this project. ..as for Diabolic he's either senseless or needs to think longer before typing such garbage.
  6. Meat_Head


    <font size=1><samp>Diabolic</samp></font>, how could this be an embarrassment to the name Doom? That's like saying Redneck Rampage & Redneck Rampage Rides Again are an embarrassment to the Build engine! You are too narrow minded & closed off. Nobody's talents ever exceed the person which contains them (because of personal development); If you hate comedic themes, you should just pass them up & not say anything! Outrageous! I hope so, destroying & maming an environment Frank Drebon style should be wonderful diaphram work-out. Marty, or most other people wouldn't attempt their PC/TC project if it wouldn't have been worth while. --- <font size=1><samp>AndrewB</samp></font>, ugh just do not type unless it's for reviewing wad submissions - stick to what you do best. --- Do the rest of us a favor, Shut-Up and Idle!
  7. Meat_Head


    To whomever recreated MAP30 - A++ Project!
  8. Meat_Head


    eh, looks like a metal plated wad of crap :)
  9. Meat_Head

    Generations Arena Release

    Meat waits on Arioch...
  10. Meat_Head

    ZDoom Site Down

    Bigd, that won't happen anytime soon, meh.
  11. Meat_Head

    Scragadelic MP3s

    Scragadelic, oh man that's so funny after a bad day, thanks for the special dcc.
  12. Meat_Head

    ZDoom Update

    I not bitching or whining, yyou sad basrads! I never seen a program in Beta for almost two years!, except Micro$oft coded stuff it's always "Beta".
  13. Meat_Head

    ZDoom Update

    ZDoom, The Two Year Beta program.
  14. Meat_Head


    A good swift fisting (in the face) won't work with this Uber-Monster. ...Not even the Beloved Chainsaw...
  15. Meat_Head