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  1. flashn00b

    Looping music?

    Do any streamed formats allow proper looping?
  2. flashn00b

    Looping music?

    How do i make it so that after a certain timeframe, the background music will instantly rewind to a specific timeframe? Nobody likes to hear a fade-out from a song that's supposed to loop.
  3. WANTED: Somebody to make sprites for a Doom WAD. This is not a joke! flashn00b@hotmail.com No weapons are needed. Safety is guaranteed. I have never done this before.
  4. Development screens: Spriter: all he needs to do is to make some cool stickman sprites that replace the base skin and he should make the colors editable for zdaemon team games Dehacker (term which i use for those who make DeHackEd things)Here's a list of what he needs to do Rocket Launcher: 30 ammo, rate of fire/damage should be the same as a UT2004 rocket Plasma Rifle: Rate of fire/Damage should be the same as the Link gun from UT2004 BFG: Uses 40 ammo, Unusable if ammo is at 40 or below (maximum ammo for plasma will be 80) If my way for balancing the weapons aren't good, then try to think of another way to balance the odds
  5. flashn00b

    Need help with first-priority project

    is this forum dead?
  6. what are the supported filetypes?
  7. flashn00b

    DoomBuilder question

    How do i make a new map onto a particular wad?
  8. flashn00b

    Need help with first-priority project

    I have a some dev screens
  9. StickArena 3d A 3d clone of xGenStudio's StickArena Credits so far: TITLEPIC: Me Intermission screen: Me Mapz: me Need: Office textures (couches, computers, etc) Sprites Weapon hackers (please contact me on msn for deatails: flashn00b@hotmail.com) Someone who can modify the frag messages (contact my msn) Someone who can put .MOD music onto maps xGen map remakes: 1. XGEN HQ 2. Construction site 1 3. Workplace Auxority 4. Sewer 5. Construction site 2 6. Construction site 3 My Maps: 7. Downtown rooftops 8. Rave (pistols only) (small loop from the song "Fire - Scooter" should be used 9. zDaemon Hacker Community (small loop from the song "Heute ist mein tag" should be used) Weapon replacements: 1. Bat (chainsaw stays as chainsaw, only with stick hands) 2. Glock18 3. SPAS12/B00MSTICK!!! 4. Akimbo UZI's 5. Light Anti-Vehicle Weapon 6. Halo Plasma rifle 7. Modded BFG (BFG shot explodes into plasma bolts that fire at 14 directions) Heute ist mein tag is the song used in Nazi YTMNDs