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  1. Saunderitos

    Genders of doom monsters?

    cacodemons are female I think, same with pain elementals most of the rest are dudes :P
  2. Saunderitos


    Meshugah did a remix of a Rammstein song, Benzin. It is immense though I lost it on my pc and never found it again. Searching it turns up nothing either.
  3. Saunderitos


  4. Saunderitos


    what the heck does it do?
  5. Saunderitos

    today's a good day for Dooming

    once every thousand years mate, you might get lucky and see another ;)
  6. Saunderitos


    How do you jump on the doom games? do you need something like skulltag cause i can jump on skulltag but not on ultimate doom normally.
  7. Saunderitos

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    I can't get them to work ^^ can someone help me out, i'm pretty new to running stuff through doom95
  8. Saunderitos

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    can someone upload some of them :P like d1000
  9. Saunderitos

    Oblivion Fans watch out

    oblivion looks crap anyway. loads of people compare things that aren't alike. Say techno music and heavy metal music. you compare to find differences so I don't know why people are like 'omgz this is liek n0thing li3k oblivi0n' Supreme Commander is gonna be the best game out darlings :P
  10. Saunderitos

    Tab for D_E1M1

    Yeh I know, though one of the guitarists in my band can play them already :D
  11. Saunderitos

    Doom radio, Should it be made

    amen :P that would be awesome
  12. Saunderitos

    Doom music for YOU

    yeh cool :D and that riff is wicked mate, much more d00my than the last
  13. Saunderitos

    Doom music for YOU

    mate you should make a full song out of your tech riffs
  14. Saunderitos

    Hard to get doom stuff for sale.

    I'm not the only one :P We are teh hardcore fans :D lol I used to have Ultimate and II but my Dad gave them to a mate of his.
  15. Saunderitos

    Tab for D_E1M1

    my sister has it on her PC :D w00t :D thanks