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  1. FinnTheFickle

    WADs based on Doom Bible

    Yep, already noticed all the stuff from the DB that went into ROTT. And yeah, nice try :P But now you've got me wanting to track down that old chestnut. Jeez. Nostalgia knows no limits.
  2. FinnTheFickle

    WADs based on Doom Bible

    Yeah, I realize that there were good reasons for Doom coming out the way it did. The fact that people are still playing it 12 years later does tend to back up id's judgement there. Still, it's a nice 'what if.' Anyway,thanks for the shopping list. Several of these wads I've already played, a few of 'em I haven't. Gonna go check out Barista now.
  3. FinnTheFickle

    WADs based on Doom Bible

    Yeah, so, I'm sorta getting back into Doom after having not played it since about, oh, 2001 or thereabouts. This is partly from going to this site on a whim and reading the early design ideas from the Doom Bible, and thinking 'damn, that would have been a really neat game.' So my question is, have there been any WADs, finished or unfinished, that've tried to recreate the Doom Bible's vision for the game? I've played original Doom with Captain Red's 'Doom With Bits On' weapons mod, which breathed a whole new life into the game if you ask me. Also, I know there are bunches of mods that have converted the art and map work from the beta. But has anyone tried to recreate the gameplay ideas that the Bible talked about? (Well, besides Doom 3...) If this is answered somewhere obvious, I'm sorry. Like I said, just getting back into Doom after a long time away from it.