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  1. mauroalba

    Information panel

    I've been thinking about a text for the whole special. But attaching to a specific special maybe a good idea. And this will allow for everything, the only need is to edit the info.cgf file
  2. mauroalba

    Information panel

    So when you select an action, the program will get the special number and look at "info.cfg" and show the corresponding text. It's easy (I think), very usefull and totaly customizable.
  3. mauroalba

    Information panel

    I've been thinking about how it could be done: The first step is creating a new cfg file (may be "info.cgf"). The content of file would be like this: // info texts for specials //special = text index specials 13 = 1 // the special 13 (door locked raise) will take the text 1 135 = 2 // the special 135 (thing spawn) will take the text 2 texts // now the texts definitions 1 {"Key types: 0: None 1: Red key card 2: Blue key card 3: Yellow key card 4: Red skull key 5: Blue skull key 6: Yellow skull key 100: Any key 101: All 6 keys 102: cannot be opened and prints 'This doesn't seem to work'. 129: any red key 130: any blue key 131: any yellow key 229: 3 keys, one of each color " } 2 {"Spawn numbers: 0 T_NONE 1 T_SHOTGUY 2 T_CHAINGUY 3 T_BARON 4 T_ZOMBIE 5 T_IMP 6 T_ARACHNOTRON 7 T_SPIDERMASTERMIND 8 T_DEMON 9 T_SPECTRE 10 T_IMPFIREBALL 11 T_CLIP ..." }
  4. mauroalba

    Information panel

    There's some specials like thing_spawn and locked doors where we need to know something like: -what's the type number of the imp? -what's the number of the red skull key? My idea is to add an information panel that shows hints for the current special. For example: when I select the "thing_spawn" special, the panel shows a listing of the spawnable thins and its numbers. If I select an locked door, the panel shows a listing with the keys numbers. Thanks
  5. mauroalba

    Image background

    Congratulations, Doom Builder is the best of all Doom editors. My suggestion is allow the editor to use an image as background, it would be a great feature. Usefull for creating maps based on pictures. Thanks
  6. mauroalba

    Suggestion: False lines

    I agree
  7. mauroalba

    Nodes not built

    I had this problem 2 times. It's a seriously bug.
  8. mauroalba

    Show things in 3D mode

    How about showing monsters and other thins in 3D mode?