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  1. impcruncher

    The "Pentagram T-Shirt"

    They should have called it a rune shirt or something. Calling the shirt a pentagram shirt, with that design, makes it seem like they don't want to lose the sale to a prepubescent boy's mom.
  2. impcruncher

    Why does everyone hate DOOM?

    I hate D44M so much. The beta multiplayer was absolutely horrible. Before I tried the beta, I was a bit nervous about the stuff I heard about how there were only 2 weapons. Whelp, I heard wrong, and we got COD load-outs. From what I experienced in the multi-player beta, the game-play felt like Halo was given a near lethal dose of opiates and sedatives. The single-player looks to be just as mushy. Also: >1 click/button chainsaw kills with forced animation >glory-kills for health I hate the direction Bethesda and id-in-name-only have gone with the plot and the artwork. The cyber-demon looks like rejected art from Wizards of the Coast and Blizzard was combined into a moose Minotaur Hybrid. It also looks like it has a glowing blue weak spot. The D44M armor looks exactly like a ripoff of Halo. And then, you've got the robot Jedi-cyborg laser-sword wielding, Samuel Hayden, who basically says, "Master Chief, the Sith are spreading across the galaxy--use argent energy and your midichlorians to stop this Hot Topic evil." Scrapping all mod support for SnapMapā„¢ is horrible. There are literally levels from DOOM 1 and 2 that can't be made with SnapMapā„¢. If there were modding tools, then maybe the community could fix the game a bit. It's also laughable that they're pushing DLC and a season pass already. I'm surprised that the approval rating on Steam was so high. >INB4 I'm living in the past. >INB4: "It's Game X+3, you can't expect it to be anything like Game X, Game X+1, or Game X+2!" >INB4 the Baghdad Bobs on here say, "It's not bad; it will be the greatest game ever!" >INB4 I should wait another 9 years before posting again I would probably feel ripped off, if I got the game for free.
  3. impcruncher

    Favorite armed forces branch

    Id have to say navy, The marines were from our navy. The navy has its own airforce and the greatest specialforces unit ever!
  4. impcruncher

    Anyone play the x-box version?

    i play it. I just dont want like 8gb for d3 on my comp.
  5. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    ya classic doom rulz!
  6. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    ya but h2 got old really fast i still play h1.
  7. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    i beat them both :D.
  8. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    doom3 was scarier. instead of in halo how the flood try to be scary.
  9. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    im just stating my opinion and i dont want this to turn into a flame fest.
  10. impcruncher

    Looking for a flashlight model

    could make one give me a bit if needed.
  11. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    ya but h2s plot wasnt good IMO and the campaign wasnt good either IMO.
  12. impcruncher

    MoUAC (2002) Re-release

    well fine i wont help.:P
  13. impcruncher

    Looking for a flashlight model

    get gmax and yafray.
  14. impcruncher

    which is better? doom3 or halo2

    id hav to say d3.
  15. impcruncher

    My project tc thing.

    ya, just need fix somethings and redo things like the firmerhuman, work on pinky, do the faces, and the like.