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  1. Executor667

    Mind bending question.... paradox

    EXACTLY! Humans are selfish, cutthroat, greedy arseholes if there is no government to keep them in line. This basic tendency of humans is why Cardinal Bernard Law is covering up the church pedophilia that is occurring in his archdiocese. He is a greedy pig who loves his red hat so much that his obsession with power (the cardinals elect a new pope when the old pontiff dies, and they have a huge amount of power over the church members in there archdioceses) has overwhelmed his conscience. If you are a cardinal, you don't want bad publicity. And even though Cardinal Law has plenty, he won't resign. He refuses to give up the funny red hat that sits atop his head. What about the Pope? Can't he just excommunicate him? Yes, but the Pope doesn't care, and it would cause even more bad publicity for the Catholic Church because the press would try to uncover more dirty little secrets and spew out whistle-blowing scandal stories like there's no tomorrow. It's much safer to mumble a few lines of rhetoric and forget about the pedophilia.
  2. Executor667

    Eye candy VS fun factor

    Cool graphics and weak enemies to mow down by the millions. I love the raw carnage of shooting a BFG into a room full of former humans and watching 100 zombies explode simultaneously. It's so...extreme.
  3. Executor667

    Hooray for stupidity

    I spend too much time reading news. I remember seeing a picture of Christina Aguilera in a news site. What a harlot!
  4. Executor667

    Super Fun Happy Virus!

    The computer-virus equivalent of Ebola Zaire AND teeth that will bore holes through the side of your face if they aren't pulled? That's not fun.
  5. Executor667

    Teachers are retarded

    It's also "funderful," "supercalifrajilisticexpialidocious," and a whole bunch of other adjectives that aren't real words.
  6. Executor667

    Teachers are retarded

    What an idiot. That teacher needs to buy that Video Professor program whose advertiser is so dim-witted that he can't think of better word to describe the software than "product." They deserve each other!
  7. Executor667

    Being Catholic makes your bottom sore

    It's called the North American Man-Boy Love Association and it has brochures that explain how to lure Junior into letting you rape him and what to do when someone finds out that you've inserted tab A into slot B. Really sick stuff.
  8. Executor667

    Hooray for stupidity

    [SIZE=7]AGREED.[/SIZE] Boy bands, Seventeen, and singing sex sluts (that alliterates!) spew out so much sleaze that the worst computer/video games look tame by comparison. But still Congress takes their anger out on games like DOOM while Christina Aguilera is free to show off the hair surrounding her nether parts (that's how low her clothes are cut) in front of thousands of whooping teenagers. If that's not stupid, I don't know what is!
  9. Executor667

    Realms of Evil part 1

    What cannot be fixed are Zaldron's anger-management problems. [Speaking of anger-management problems, I'll wonder if my mind-control-device works on Zaldron as well as it did on the master personality. --Evilutor] [I took it back from you weeks ago. Stupid evil thief. --Techutor] [I was going to have a lot of fun with Zaldron too. Jerk.:( --Evilutor]