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  1. Onthedot

    PWAD help

    So what do i need to run these files? What do i do with the .deh file?
  2. Onthedot

    PWAD help

    Hey the drag-and-drop solution worked! thanks. but what about my second question? do I just not nned to worry about all the other files (.deh, .bat)? Do i just use the wads and ignore everything else?
  3. Onthedot

    PWAD help

    I like Zdoom. It is really the only sourceport i use.I use that and Zdoom Launcher and it works really well.My problem is, in some zips there are just the readme and the wad, while in others theres the wad, a deh file, a bat file, ect. heres an example: for allhell here are the contents: ahflats.wad, ahlevels.wad, ahmus.wad,allhell.deh... what is this? and how do i get it to work through Zdoom? Help would be appreciated!!!
  4. Onthedot

    Zdoom is AMAZING but...

    Thanxs a ton! You basically saved me hours of time!!
  5. Onthedot

    Zdoom is AMAZING but...

    Also, how do I place new SKINS in Zdoom?
  6. Onthedot

    Zdoom is AMAZING but...

    I can't seem to figure out how to run pwads. maybe i'm just an idiot. oh well. can someone help? i'm running under windows XP
  7. Onthedot

    Online Play?

    [QUOTE]EarthQuake said: [B] "The hard part is finding people to play with, especially if you're using something like Legacy or ZDoom." Wait, you can do multiplayer through zdoom? here's my scenario: I have 2 computers connected via network. I wan't to be able to play multiplayer between the computers with USB gamepads (Nyko Airflo is what it's called). Zdoom works the best with the gamepads, or so i discoverd. Can Zdoom do network play?
  8. Onthedot

    Online Play?

    This might be a dumb question but how many people use zdaemon for on-line play? if not, what do you use? PS: i'd also like to know if there's a way to run zdaemon through, say, jdoom. that'd be great!
  9. Onthedot

    Funny things in Doom

    I think it's just funny when the monsters start fighting each other. I went to some secret place and there was windows and like 4 of the human seargents spotted me. They all fired and so the back ones Friendly-Fired. well the front guys must have been ticked because they immediatly whipped around but by this time I had already taken cover around a corner. But I suddenly heard shotguns and I heard 2 of them do their little death scream thing and when I came back around there were only 2 waiting for me, the other 2 were just fleshy piles of meat on the floor. MAN THESE GUYS ARE HATEFULL!!! hehehe
  10. Onthedot

    How do you play?

    Well I'm just curious. I am more of a tactical person. I like to open the door and then back up and see what happens. if nothing I slowly peer around the corner. I like to see what I'm up against. And I'm ridiculously patient when it comes to any type of hunting. so, what are you? are you the "Run in guns blazing" type. Do you rush the game or try finding every secret. how do you play?