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Everything posted by amnesia

  1. amnesia

    Team TNT, Keeping It Going

    the doom community livesssss
  2. http://doom.ugo.com/ UGO links to new doom loooks like UGO got a face lift, too
  3. i can't find them anywhere now...
  4. amnesia

    Doom Wad Station shutting down

    yep, it is... undeer themes FALSE ALARM!@!111
  5. amnesia

    Doom Wad Station shutting down

    someone... upload ALIEN TC now!
  6. i guess it was quake... it must have been 4-5 years ago?
  7. Doom 3... i can't find them anywhere. i remember seeing the doom guy, i think...
  8. amnesia

    Doom Wad Station shutting down

    haha. more than likely, one doom site will remain... i think doomworld will. planetdoom and newdoom suck
  9. amnesia

    Doom Wad Station shutting down

    this is IT guys... the long, enormous collapse of doom sites... if such a large site like this could shut down... just imagine the downfall of doomworld at some point...
  10. amnesia

    What's *really* so bad about 1994 WADs ?

    I could cry everytime I think about the mid90s and all the good stuff that came out of the 90s in general... especially times at the mall at EB Games playing Doom II
  11. oh, yea, i am not poor... i know that driving a porsche is true happiness and if i could not, i'd be pissed. my tuition is rape. :) $200K to the other person, look at the US NEWS and world report and look at #1.
  12. amnesia

    IDGames Archive Torrent

    it says 'checking for firewall' and then quits.
  13. oh... yea. I believe money does buy happiness. if i can not buy something, i will be pretty angry... so... being poor sucks. and money, at the end of the day, is the only thing that matters and what brings together the rich. i like those nostalgic 90s stories... like spending time at walmart... i remember how cool it was when things on tv were actually good. do you do any programming?
  14. oh, yea... that's cool. definitely awesome that you can buy all that stuff... i bet your house is HUGE. im pretty fortunate to be going to the best school in the world, where you get like $100K sign on bonuses and stuff for an ibanking job back on topic, the doom collection made planetdoom i see... and i love your story about doom. i was around 4 or 5 when i remember playing it from compuserve shareware downloads
  15. yea, that's cool. i hope to buy one right out of college. i guess your internet business really helped
  16. amnesia

    Original Doom shirts being sold again!

    bought an xlarge, thanks
  17. dude, you own a ferrari holy crap
  18. amnesia

    IDGames Archive Torrent

    download bittorrent bittorrent.com
  19. amnesia

    master levels

    are the 1000+ wads in this great? im thinking about purchasing it for $5 on eBay please let me know... also, does it work with xp? i bought collector's edition from wal-mart 2 years ago and doom95 had limited support for my copy of xp... thanks..
  20. amnesia

    master levels

    If it's one level out of a few thousand, I'm not worried. I can't wait for my copy of master levels to come... I know that my college caps bandwidth out of the university, so I will have to resort to playing maps like I did in the mid90s when I didn't even play online.
  21. amnesia

    master levels

    so can i use these wads with a source port? like zdoom or zdaemon?
  22. amnesia

    Built on Doom

    lol agentspork just trying to get some reaction. yea i know i have no say, w/e
  23. amnesia

    Built on Doom

    why are you guys using a product that possibly has a "spy bug" in it? this guy shut down the zdaemon master server. *shrug* not news...
  24. amnesia

    rare Doom I/II commercial add-ons

    when classic simpsons and doom was playing... damn, those were the days... i wish i bought the master levels when i saw it.