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  1. bjh13

    Doom 64 (2020 rerelease) with Source Ports?

    There is a way to get the new wad to work with Doom 64 EX if you are will to open it in Slade and tweak several things. How accurate it works I'm not sure, they made some changes to how sounds play in the new engine for example and Doom 64 EX still has some bugs that I don't think they plan to fix now that they maintain the official port, but it's certainly functional with some effort.
  2. bjh13

    What does a blind playthrough mean?

    This was hysterical to watch. The point where he is opening a blue key door yelling about how he doesn't want a door but wants to find the blue key was priceless.
  3. bjh13

    How do you make the perfect Hellish map?

    Wow, I don't think I've heard a line like that since middle school.
  4. bjh13

    Doom on an Intel based Mac

    WOOHOO!! Compiled perfectly. I now have a universal binary of PrBoom, and it seems to work perfectly. Well, mostly, it won't let me set the resolution to 1680x1050, just refuses to open, I have to settle with 1344x840. Granted, it looks terrible when you set the resolution that high. Thanks for all the help.
  5. bjh13

    Doom on an Intel based Mac

    Well, compile failed for PrBoom. I was able to get through ./configure just fine with no problems, when I ran make I errored out. /var/tmp//ccuYY9ug.s:251:operands given don't match any known 386 instruction /var/tmp//ccuYY9ug.s:4111:operands given don't match any known 386 instruction /var/tmp//ccuYY9ug.s:4523:operands given don't match any known 386 instruction I have all three necesary sdl libraries, and deutex and rake installed. Any hints?
  6. bjh13

    Doom on an Intel based Mac

    PrBoom does not run under Rosetta. At least on my system it doesn't. I will try to build it tonight, hopefully it goes ok. Doomsday does run under Rosetta, at a decent framerate (45-80 fps at 1680x1050) but because it's rosetta it takes quite some time to open and eats more resources then I like. However, it works, so I don't want to complain, it still loads faster than the original did in 1993 on my PC, so I can live with it. Hopefully I can get PrBoom to build, as it would be nice to have a native binary with support for Boom. Thanks for all the help.
  7. bjh13

    Doom on an Intel based Mac

    I recently purchased an intel based iMac, but unfortunately there do not seem to be any Doom ports for it. In fact, I can only find 2 builds of Doom that even support OS X. Doomsday was one of my favorites on the PC, does anyone know if there are any plans for a universal binary or intel binary for it? Better yet, I'll compile it myself if someone has some basic instructions on how to set up the build environment, since I have not had any luck yet. Any help would be really appreciated, having a computer without running Doom feels kind of... empty. Benjamin Handelman