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  1. Raziel Anarki

    dos music remixes

    thanks :) well, if anyone wants to use these as game music, i suppose i could make versions without the distracting sound fx/voices, or with better looping, if needed. :)
  2. Raziel Anarki

    dos music remixes

    Hi! long time lurker, on-and-off (mostly off lately... :/) fellow doomer here :) i've recently created some demo music quoting/based on some old dos game music, that had a great influence on me back in the days :) actually i've been planning to pay tribute to these games in some musical form or another for a long time, but my hobby-composer skills just got to the point where i felt confident enough that i can do them some justice. i guess most people are rock/metal fans here (?), and this is pure electronic music, in the style of old-school 90's goa trance to be exact, but it might be some interest anyways because of doom stuff :) so here they are: protorai - phrygian observatory https://soundcloud.com/razielanarki/protorai-phrygian-observatory the middle part of this track is an arragement of the opening of Mark Klem's Hidden Anger, from Memento Mori MAP01. protorai - the ant mill https://soundcloud.com/razielanarki/protorai-the-ant-mill this is based on various melodic ideas dissected then mashed together, among them are: the background rymthic melody from Heretic's E3M3, a riff from Doom's E1M9, and some arpeggios based around the "siren"s of E1M5 and E2M2 protorai - orbital descent https://soundcloud.com/razielanarki/protorai-orbital-descent the concept of this one is mostly based around the themes from the opening/the first few levels of descent 1: the briefing, the intro, level 3, level 1 and level 2 (in that order), with some descent sfx here and there --- bobby prince's doom1/2 soundtrack is probably etched into my brain forever, if i ever hum to myself, it's most likely to be one of the tunes of his :) in other words, ofc i'm thinking about doing something more doom/doom2 themed in the future (maybe even a wacky wheels one :D), but i'm saving it for later, i wanna try exploring some of my own ideas first, i have learned a lot while doing these remixes :) many props, respect, and thanks to the original authors: Robert Prince, Mark Klem, Kevin Schilder and sadly-i-don't-know-who-at-parallax
  3. Raziel Anarki

    Diablo clones

    TL was made by some of the people who made Diablo 1. (designer&musician s for sure, dunno about the others) i liked it very much, played trough with all 3 characters :D
  4. Raziel Anarki

    Portals.WAD(?) - Marnetmar Needs Some Help

    It looks like you have "force additive lighting" on in your OpenGL settings. (it's in "display options > opengl > dynamic lights ..." in GZDoom, i'm assuming it's somewhere there in ST too)
  5. Raziel Anarki

    Rustpoint E1 (map 2 is finished)

    Hi! just did a quick playtrough. fun gameplay, nice architecture, and i liked the flow of the map too. the idea with monsters teleporting in right at the start was a little unexpected, but clever :) The only bug i found is the chaingun HOM one (no lower/upper texture on the window/door on the outside). The chaingun secret was easy enough to find, IMHO, i managed to figure it out on the third press of the switch, while running around tysoning the HK's for fun :)
  6. Raziel Anarki

    Feedback request

    i took your advice, and worked on it a bit more towards correcting the major flaws in the gameplay. updated first post with a new download link.
  7. Raziel Anarki

    Feedback request

    Thanks for the replies, and the critique, you made some very good points there. And Phml: thanks for the demo and advice I'll keep these in mind :)
  8. Raziel Anarki

    Feedback request

    fixed the texture errors in prboom+. looks like i forgot the skies when copying textures from d1gfx2.wad. link updated. thanks for the comments, guys. i tried to make it easy to find out where to go next, by placing the blue/yellow bars near switches and the barriers they lower, but yeah that yellow door area is maybe too far on the other side of the base.
  9. Raziel Anarki

    Feedback request

    I've created a new level for doom2, titled "The Hatch". I's basically a grid 32 map, with some finer details here and there. The map is rather large but not too hard, it takes about 30-35 mins. to complete on UV for me. This is my first completed level, and i spent quite a time polishing it. In theory it runs in any limit-removing port, but i tested it only in GZDoom. Before i release it to the archives, i'd like to receive some feedback on the gameplay, the map itself, or any bugs that i've missed. (also if someone could test this in coop that would be greatly appreciated) the zip file can be downloaded at: http://www.sendspace.com/file/rbfrbn 970Kb (includes a .txt file, and a version of pkphirsl.wad from Doom NG by Richard Smith Long with a fixed PKCFC0 sprite, and with two new sounds and the custom logo removed, i hope it's okay). update: -------- i took you advice and updated the texturing to make areas look more distinctive, also tried to make the later fights harder and more interesting, and changed other bits and pieces around. any comments still appreciated. zip: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gt6fgg 979Kb screens: 1 2 3
  10. Raziel Anarki


    skynet is upon us! :D so apparently göd has taken on a pair of umlauts, and camouflages himself as a small city here in hungary. how devious :D
  11. Raziel Anarki

    Doomworld RSS messed up?

    i use the sage extension for ff. it's simple but it rocks :)
  12. Raziel Anarki

    Plutonia 2 bugs ?

    just found something that looks like another node building issue on map25 while playing in gzdoom: there were two imps and a HK stuck below floor level, near the bridge with fake 3dmidtex, they are visible from the chaingunners' "fire-nest" http://img510.imageshack.us/img510/4051/screenshotdoom200901051hq4.png (the imps were be killed by exploding rockets on the floor above them)
  13. if the zombies arent in the starting room with the player you could Thing_Damage them beforehand to kill them
  14. Raziel Anarki

    Plutonia 2 bugs ?

    found some more on map23 (gzdoom): - the lowered mancubi at ~ x:1090 y:610 in the first secret, are visible from the outside and can attack the player - the blue/yellow door can only be opened twice from the blue side (altough this requires glitching by closing it from the yellow side) - the nearby teleporter at x:480 y:1820 seems to be missing the teleport specials on the sides
  15. Raziel Anarki

    Plutonia 2 bugs ?

    map21 (gzdoom): under one of the bridges, you can fall down into a "deepwater pit" at the two ends, and get stuck (highlighed in screenshot): http://img134.imageshack.us/img134/6164/screenshotdoom200901042vr6.png also: seconded, gl screensavers and the like mess up the gamma, if gzdoom is left unattended in a window