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  1. Recently, I loaded up Doombuilder and went to edit a map I had made the previous night in Doombuilder and it was all funky. Well, I loaded the map in Hexen and it looked fine, but Doombuilder was displaying it wierd. Doombuilder started being unable to build nodes and would not display thumbnails for the textures that I had loaded from the IWAD. Finally, when I tried to add or edit any THING items, the program crashed with a "Run-time error '91'". I have re-installed both version 1.66 and 1.67 with the same results. Screenshot of what doombuilder does to the map: http://users.goldengate.net/~drakar/doombuilder.jpg Screen shot of what the same map loaded right afterwards in Slade looks like: http://users.goldengate.net/~drakar/slade.jpg Any help would be appreciated. Seiya