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  1. dustbunny

    Residential Doom

    what is RE but a tribute to B movies? B movies with zombies that eat your flesh and zombie dogs that bite you and turn you into a zombie yourself and with an evil mad scientist who has a giant zombie in the basement? i mean, hell, the president orders a nuclear strike on an american city, how B movie can you get? RE1's bad voice acting completed the B movie feel. it was JUST like the real thing. RE1 had the simplistic feel of a film entirely about zombies. the others added conspiracy and action-film elements. not to say they were bad... in fact, code veronica was my personal favorite (very creepy... i think only the RE1 remake on gamecube will surpass the creepiness). but RE1 was what made survival horror what it is today. of course, RE isn't scary as a whole, except for a few choice moments, mostly in RE1 and RE:CV (i have yet to play gun survivor, but i will even if it didn't get good reviews) but it's a blast to play. i'm working through RE3 right now, which i look as the third disc to RE2. :P nemesis = aidswhore. he does NOT play fair. where the hell does he get that damn rocket launcher, it looks 50 years old. scariest game i ever played = silent hill 1. that game disturbs my sleep. and i don't ever have nightmares.
  2. dustbunny

    A Three For A Three

    another video to download and put on a CD and show my stupid FPS-hating "friend" that everything doom will forever be god.
  3. dustbunny

    War For Millennium

    is there a possibility of a workaround until then?
  4. dustbunny

    War For Millennium

    or spell. or use proper grammar.
  5. dustbunny

    War For Millennium

    you're not allowed to talk anymore.
  6. dustbunny

    War For Millennium

    i think millennium is the one project that i'm really waiting for this year. may you have the luck of the drunken irishman who manages to walk 5 miles at night without falling into a ravine and killing himself.
  7. dustbunny

    War For Millennium

    i'd help if i could, but i have like, no experience with editing of any sort... no time or patience, unfortunately, so all i can contribute is my well-wishing. personally i think they're being immature about it. sure, it's taken a good long while to finish up but the project is in the home stretch. to start acting like this NOW is the height of childishness. lut has a life too. i think pretty much all of us have a life in some form or other, and we like to spend time with those people in our houses who call themselves our families. every time i think that doom has one of the most respectable communities, something like this happens. i still think this is a respectable community, but my view has been marred time and time again. pah.
  8. dustbunny

    Doom + GBA + bus trip to Ausin = BAAAAAD mix

    of course i am, no need to remind everybody. heh
  9. dustbunny

    Doom + GBA + bus trip to Ausin = BAAAAAD mix

    DT rock even if they ARE overly technical: "7/8! 9/16! 5/16! 5/4! huh?? song??" haha i bet when james labrie is having sex with his wife they're like, "i put my erect male organ into your female organ!" "you push it hard repeatedly in a back-and-forth motion!" "i emit a white substance that directly causes impregnation!"
  10. dustbunny

    The /newstuff Chronicles #77

  11. dustbunny

    The /newstuff Chronicles #77

    either that's an inside joke i know nothing about or somebody doesn't like andrewb :P and why the hell did my settings for doomworld's appearance revert to the standard?
  12. dustbunny

    A Question Of Date

    that thing is so very metal. -I-
  13. dustbunny

    A Question Of Date

  14. dustbunny

    A Question Of Date

    eh... as april fools' jokes go this one's alright. the x-box one at gamefaqs is better tho. then there's the classic "mom i'm gay and i been thinking maybe slipknot's not all that bad" joke.
  15. dustbunny

    Will Microsoft Lock id Software In A Box?

    your sarcasm and your grammar both fail.