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  1. = Antennas
    = Channel List

    In 2012 I started watching tv the oldschool way with an outdoor antenna pointed at tv transmitters atop tall ground towers (called over-the-air tv, or broadcast tv, or terrestrial tv). I regularly pick up 22 transmitters with 31 channels (most are HD) and it's free. Right now I'm using a homemade antenna for channel 14-51 (left/top and right) and a store-bought antenna for channel 7-13 (left/bottom).

    But the fun part is when certain atmospheric conditions occur, allowing the signals from distant transmitters to travel much farther than normal and reach your antenna and sometimes be strong enough to appear on your tv screen for hours or just a matter of seconds. The fun part isn't watching the distant stations, it's scanning them in and collecting them because predicting the special atmospheric conditions and when these distant stations can be scanned into your tv isn't an exact science, so you have to be diligent and patient when turning your antenna searching for new channels. All transmitters aren't created equal as well, they operate at different power levels and pump out different amounts of signal, so it can be equally exciting to scan in a really low-power transmitter intended for a small land area compared to a high-power transmitter much farther away. Then there's also channel interference - there are only so many channels (7-51), so all of these distant channels have to fight with other distant channels and your regular channels before they can get to your tv screen. My 22 regular transmitters are mostly very strong, and 4 of them have never been replaced with a distant channel, so it's also exciting when conditions are strong enough to overpower one of your regular transmitters with a distant one.

    Does anyone see their local channels in this list?

    1. Memfis


      This brings back many memories. In childhood me and my brother used to stay at grandmother's village in Belarus every summer for like 2 months. We had a shitty small black and white TV, and most of the time it only had like 2 channels. But occasionally you could get channels 3 and 4, which were much more exciting because they had cooler movies and NO soap operas. I vividly remember dancing around with the antenna trying to find a good position for it. And when I would finally find a good position, of course it would only work well if I was standing in a very certain spot. It was a source of endless frustration but laughs too. We also both had a pocket radio, but only my brother's radio could connect to one of our favorite stations. That made me so jealous. So occasionally I would sneakily listen to it while he was cycling in the forest or something.

      Btw can you please respond to my PM? :) You can say yes or no, both would be OK, I just want to have a definite answer if possible. Sorry if that was a weird message...

    2. MrGlide


      I used to do this out at my grandmas house when I was a child. I don't watch tv anymore really. Haven't had tv in 8 years.

  2. Just thought I'd ask if anyone wanted to make a super simple timer program (win7) that I can use while playing drums. The only things I'm looking for are an accurate minutes/seconds timer that counts up, with giant numbers that I can see on my small laptop screen from seven feet away (my eyes aren't good from far away). Any help would be great.

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      That's perfect, thanks. :)
      If you want, you can PM me your paypal email and I will send you the equivalent of $10 CAD in whatever currency you want.

    3. Memfis


      Nah, don't need that, I'm just glad I was able to help and also I learned something new while making this program so that's even better. Looking forward to what you record with this. :)

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Ok then, thanks a lot! It's been running for 198 minutes and is still in sync with the clock. :)

  3. I don't have a phone and they require you to download the instagram app to sign up. I downloaded BlueStacks to emulate a mobile device, but after installing it it already used over 200MB of internet data which is way too much. So I was wondering if someone with a phone + instagram could make me an account? Once the account is created, I can use instagram normally on my computer.

    PM if interested

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      That's why I want one, to check out the pics hot celebrities post of themselves. What an age we live in!

      By the way, creating an account with BlueStacks worked. Download BlueStacks and install, then download the instagram APK file and install, then open instagram from within BlueStacks, click "sign up" and enter email/username/password, go to your email account and click the activation email. Now you can use instagram from your computer and delete BlueStacks forever because it's a huge data hog.

    3. Memfis


      Ok thx, maybe I'll try it. How much data approximately did it use?

    4. TimeOfDeath


      It used 200+MB while installing and it was really laggy on my windows 7 computer. Plus it loads at startup and auto-updates in the background even if you stop it, so I uninstalled it. BUT, using it to make an instagram account was very easy.

      btw, instagram is awesome. Create an account, follow people, go to instagram.com and it shows all the newest pics by the people you follow.

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    2. FireFish


      Liked it on youtube.
      This reminds me of some band or song but i do not which one exactly.
      I also noticed this to have some unconventional rhythm.

    3. Springy


      Sunshine, what the fuck happened to your bad arse beard? I am personally not a fan of the vocals but the instrumental is really good. Do you have a soundcloud or some other type of music site profile?

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Thanks. Krispy, yep you got the Stewart reference. 40oz, wii is cool but I don't play shows by myself (and I'd rather work alone anyway). Springy, I shaved off my Amish beard last year but am growing a new one. Link is http://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com (stuff before 2003 has a drum machine, stuff from 2003-2013 has raw sounding drums, recording real drums is an expensive pain in the ass).

  4. Free Download: http://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/escaping-the-spiral-labyrinth-2013

    Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth
    by Nostril Caverns

    This album is a collection of short death metal "speed songs" (songs written in a small amount of time). The vocals tell the story of the Star Trek TNG episode "The Schizoid Man".

    There are 29 songs that last 44:49.

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    2. darkreaver


      I get the band references. I hear alot of grindcore in here, too.

      Cool stuff, even though it's not my preferred (death) metal style.

    3. Memfis


      Haha, is it actually synchronized to the video? If it is, I'm so going to post it on youtube with subtitles (kinda impossible to understand anything otherwise).

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Thanks for listening, guys. Yeah, I know you're an oldschooler at heart darkreaver. :) Cool that you listened to Hurber, TheCupboard, it was fun to make.

      That'd be funny if it was sync'ed but it's not. I used a transcript online and tried to fit the dialogue with the music. It shouldn't be too hard to follow the lyrics with the transcript here. (I didn't use the descriptive non-dialogue stuff in brackets)

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      lols, no I think it's fine. That cheeseburger vid was actually made in 2008, but then I made it private for a while until I recently made it public and for some reason the date changed with it and I don't know how to change it back to 2008. Yeah, I've gained weight.

    3. Ribbiks


      surprisingly cohesive actually, at 31 minutes though it's quite an avant-garde endurance test hah.

      Your unusual style has piqued my interest, so I hope you don't mind a few questions:
      - how long have you been playing guitar / drums?
      - why no bass?
      - influences? your music kind of reminds me of free jazz + behold…the arctopus

    4. TimeOfDeath


      - guitar since 1995, drums since 2002 (drums are my fav)
      - I don't have a bass :)
      - my fav bands are Normal Love (the 2007 album at the bottom of the page), Hella, Witt (my favs are Happy Birthday and See Attached pt3 from that album), and Thoughtstreams (no website, they broke up almost a decade ago, but it's weird tech death metal/jazz with electric guitar/bass/trumpet/programmed drums. The guitarist played on the first normal love album).

      thx for listening, guys

  5. I bought a new antenna + a pre amp and a rotor for watching free over-the-air high-def tv channels. It was a bit nervous to watch the installer climb up the tower while holding the antenna on his shoulder (the tower is 30 feet, the antenna is 14 feet and weighs 13 pounds). I get channels from Toronto (CN tower), Buffalo, Rochester, plus a few others. 37 channels in total so far, plus maybe a couple more during rare perfect conditions. EFF TO THE YES.

    EDIT: 40 channels now

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    2. GreyGhost


      That's a weird looking log-yagi variant, why in hell's name did they put deflectors in front of the reflector?

    3. TimeOfDeath


      I got this antenna: http://www.winegarddirect.com/viewitem.asp?p=hd7698p&d=Winegard-HD-7698P-High-Definition-VHFUHF-HD769-Series-TV-Antenna-(HD7698P)&post=

      I don't understand a lot of the technical stuff. I visit an over-the-air tv forum and they have a chart for recommended antennas, so I bought one suitable for my area.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      The night of August 30th had great conditions for picking up new channels, but they don't last long. I kept turning my antenna by about 10° then re-scanning, then turn antenna, etc. I found 70 new ones, plus a few from the past two days, which means I've picked up a total of 121 channels during the past week. The furthest channel was 588km/365mi away in Vermont.


  6. GTA3 (PS2) - 100 hidden packages before the first mission in 56:03

    video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmlcDNL7X70

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    2. Sharessa


      Started playing GTA3 again recently. By pure accident I found a glitch that lets you run the taxi missions indefinitely. Someone got into my cab JUST as the timer stopped, and the timer just vanished and I was free to keep going for as long as I wanted. I wonder if it works on ambulance missions too. That would be a godsend, because those are a pain in the ass.

    3. Dragonsbrethren


      Danarchy said:

      Started playing GTA3 again recently. By pure accident I found a glitch that lets you run the taxi missions indefinitely. Someone got into my cab JUST as the timer stopped, and the timer just vanished and I was free to keep going for as long as I wanted. I wonder if it works on ambulance missions too. That would be a godsend, because those are a pain in the ass.

      Haha, I had completely forgotten about this until reading your post. This happened to me once, too.

      I'm not sure if it's nostalgia or just boredom with the genre after it, but GTA3 was easily my favorite of that trilogy. Vice City and San Andreas may have had better features, but they never felt like better games to me. I never finished either of them; I don't think I'm more than a quarter of the way through SA yet, city/region just feels too big for its own good.

    4. Sharessa


      Yeah, GTA3 is the only one I finished. I didn't get far at all in Vice City, and I only got to the second city in SA.

  7. Download: Gymnast-2011DecemberRingtones.zip

    For Christmas this year I made everyone in my family a "ringtone". It's guitar + drums, 11 mp3s, around 15 seconds each.

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    2. 40oz


      Nah I disagree. I think it's shameful for people to be digging themselves into debt to get the hottest christmas gifts. Or worse -- gift cards. The best gifts you can get are ones you can make, especially because they are very personalized that way. I don't believe money can easily translate into how much you care about someone. I think ringtones are a pretty awesome example of a cool, free, home-made christmas gift.

    3. Csonicgo


      40oz said:

      I didn't get anything


    4. TimeOfDeath


      I don't like spending money on gifts. I definitely am a cheap bastard, and my family knows that. :)

      Hopefully they'll feel the same way as 40oz. They probably won't actually use the mp3s as their ringtone, but I'm giving a music cd and data cd of the ringtones, plus a $10 bill.

  8. fgj

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    2. EarthQuake


      I enjoyed this way more than I think I should have.

    3. Technician


      I think a mod should correct the threads title. It should be Rape song.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      lols Maes, sick rhymes

      I'm worried about you EQ ;)

      Tech - I fooled you! The song is actually about a cross-dressing dude looking at himself in the mirror and talking to himself.

  9. YO, check out the song Nostril Caverns: http://myspace.com/coracanning

    Dave plays drums and I play guitar. It's a live recording and is an instrumental mix of jazz, rock, metal, etc. that keeps changing.

    Dave and I live about 500km apart, so I sent him a midi file of the guitar and metronome so that he could play along to it and add drums. After he memorized the song and wrote the drum part, he drove down to my place and we practised the song together for two days and recorded it.

    Btw, the song Nostril Caverns was written before the map Nostril Caverns was made.

    I think we're playing a show on October 30th in Hamilton, Ontario. I haven't played live since high school battle of the bands in 2001 (also with Dave, funnily enough), so I'm kinda nervous.

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    2. Bucket


      Sounds like you guys are taking cues from the RIO genre, with an alternative bent. I'd like to see you get together with a guy who can do bass and vocals.

    3. Qaatar


      Mega-Slum Sunset has some really groovy drums. Dave seems like a pretty solid player, and the drums are by far my favorite instrument in rock/metal/jazz.

      The fast version you guys have on myspace sounds much better than the slower version played live. It's surprising you guys would play stuff slower live though...almost every band I've seen, if they do play a different tempo live, it's almost always faster.

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Yeah I'd like to jam with a bassist, but I dunno about vocals.
      Yeah, Dave's awesome. I can't believe I know him! haha. The original version of mega-slum was intended to be played slowly, but we played it fast just for kicks. I like both versions. I asked Dave if he wanted to play both live but I guess not (he wrote that song).

  10. bj,j,c

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    2. MajorRawne


      Grazza said:

      But what would a tit be without its nipple?

      Leslie Ash's face?

    3. Hellbent


      I've had a few nip sightings of late. One girl (a friend actually) claims she likes the "accidental" nip slip from her bikini... I'm like.. ohkaaaaaay.... The other was downtown Manhattan... careless at best....

    4. MajorRawne


      Hellbent - a girl I know was telling me how she likes to "accidentally" show too much leg sometimes, especially when she knows someone is eyeing her up. Women can be dangerous like that, they will encourage men to look but as soon as they get bored of it or you eye up the wrong person then wham, you could be in a world of shit.

  11. Last night I had a wet dream, but I was dreaming about playing a Doom map. There were no girls, no vaginas, no boobs, just DOOM.

  12. Time of Death - http://myspace.com/timeofdeath

    DOWNLOAD - 2000-2002 (23 MP3s, 37.7 MB)
    DOWNLOAD - 2003-2009 (9 MP3s, 46.4 MB)
    DOWNLOAD - Acoustic (12 MP3s, 38.8 MB)
    DOWNLOAD - Forever Trapped in a Broken Mirror - Part 1 (24 MP3s, 49.9 MB)
    DOWNLOAD - Forever Trapped in a Broken Mirror - Part 2 (13 MP3s, 50.9 MB)
    DOWNLOAD - The Last Breath of the Dying (9 MP3s, 45.7 MB)

    76 MP3s = 192 kbps
    9 MP3s = 160 kbps
    4 MP3s = 128 kbps
    1 MP3 = 256 kbps

    Eternal Slumber (6:38)
    The Lost Valley of Dissection (3:30)

    The Last Breath of the Dying (1:01)
    Horrors of the Twisted Hallway (3:02)
    Satirical Irony (4:23)
    Behind the Walls of Madness (4:34)
    The Deaths of Slime River (5:25)
    ...A Darkened Dream (3:26)
    Eternal Slumber (1:47)
    As the Night Sky Turns Red (2:08)
    Inside the Abattoir (7:49)

    Shard 1 (1:34)

    Part 01 (1:34)
    Part 06 Demo (1:01)
    Part 07 (0:49)

    Addicted to Vaginal Skin (Cannibal Corpse cover) (2:14)
    Blasphlegmy (0:20)
    Part 03 (0:20)
    Part 04 (1:34)
    Part 05 (0:13)
    Part 06 (1:03)
    Part 08 (0:43)
    Part 09 (0:30)
    Part 11 (1:09)
    Part 12 (0:38)
    Silent Hill 2 - Room 312 (1:36)

    Shard 2 (0:42)
    Shard 3 (0:55)
    Shard 4 (0:14)
    Shard 5 (0:12)
    Shard 6 (0:47)
    Shard 7 (1:32)
    Shard 8 (0:29)
    Shard 9 (0:46)

    2002 - BAGLESS
    Go Gut Yourself (1:13)
    Rectally Yours (1:29)
    Vaginia's Aging Collection of Clitoral Smegma (2:25)
    Vulvaic Castration, Penile Decapitation (1:45)

    Flaming Holy Water (0:28)
    Slaughtercult (Exhumed cover) (1:17)
    Urethra Blood Clog (0:23)

    Shard 10 (0:34)
    Shard 11 (0:48)
    Shard 12 (1:34)
    Shard 13 (0:44)
    Shard 14 (0:36)
    Shard 15 (0:39)
    Shard 16 (1:28)
    Shard 17 (1:24)

    Deathrash (1:44)

    Acceptance then Anger (3:17)
    Frustration then Fatigue (1:56)
    Sadness then Sorrow (1:20)

    Abandonned by the Spirits (2:29)
    Confusion (2:21)
    Dormant Consciousnous (1:33)
    Dreaming of Reality (2:45)
    Drifting Through Astral Fog (2:00)
    Forever With Me (2:03)
    Lasting Despair (3:11)
    Lifeless Eyes (2:17)

    I Cum Blood (Cannibal Corpse cover) (2:18)

    Part 21 (5:55)

    Doom E1M3 (4:33)

    Shard 18 (3:46)
    Shard 19 (2:56)
    Shard 20 (2:39)
    Shard 21 (3:50)
    Shard 22 (1:33)
    Shard 23 (3:09)
    Shard 24 (3:27)
    Shard 25 (1:29)
    Shard 26 (2:00)
    Shard 27 (2:35)
    Shard 28 (0:16)
    Shard 29 (2:27)
    Shard 30 (1:44)
    Shard 31 (3:53)
    Shard 32 (1:35)
    Shard 33 (2:48)
    Shard 34 (2:01)
    Shard 35 (2:22)
    Shard 36 (1:57)
    Shard 37 (11:55)

    Finkle Me This (4:22)

    Part 54 (3:06)

    The Classic Fountain Pen (5:45)

    Handsome Bank Teller (2:24)
    Lemonade Breath (6:26)
    The Gardener (0:49)

    1. myk


      Cool, what I've heard (previously) of your stuff has been good!

    2. Negatronica


      Awesome, I just listened to shard 10-17 and inside the abattoir, that's kind of what I want to start making once I learn how to play guitar (which I just started a few days ago).

  13. http://myspace.com/coracanning

    Please listen to our songs, if you want.

    1. Super Jamie

      Super Jamie

      Needs genre tags so I can be an elitist jerk and go "not metal" and close the browser tab :P

      Seriously though, properly describing your music may help get a bit more exposure to people who are into it.

    2. TimeOfDeath


      I dunno, it's like rocky I guess, sometimes mellow, sometimes jazzy. I don't pay much attention to genres because they rarely help me figure out if I actually like the music or not.

    1. Csonicgo


      Those Drumheads... have been through it. :p

    2. Sharessa


      Sounds a bit like Battles, at least their old stuff.

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    2. Bucket


      The computer records your best time and you "race" against it. If you notice, the ghost actually gets away from him from time to time, so there's definitely room for improvement.

    3. TimeOfDeath


      The ghost's time is 57"3x. You can get a ghost by driving through a race without hitting anything or falling off the track into lava/water/void.

      The Non-NBT world record is 56"98 (driven by me). Sure, there's room for improvement in the video, but I wasn't about to sit there for hours hugging a speaker with a camera on it to get a video with my hands in the picture AND a new world record (all world records have videos for them without hands). The time in the video would be ranked 3rd and getting it on video with my hands in the picture only using several tries is quite an achievement, to be honest (it's only 0"08 behind the 2nd ranked time). This video was just made for fun after a fellow mario karter asked for tips on this course.

      Oh, and Non-NBT is a style of racing that doesn't allow boosting through off-road parts of the course for getting shortcuts. NBT is a style that lets you boost anywhere. If you look at the top5 in my video, you see they're all 53 seconds something. Those times were driven in NBT style (but my NBT times are ranked lower than my Non-NBT times).

      http://www.mariokart64.com/smk/ NBT site
      http://www.mariokart64.com/smknonnbt/ Non-NBT site

    4. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      What's with the weird ghost image?

      you race against yourself at your best time. it's a clever method of getting "better" when you can race against yourself.

  14. ...is the name of a new song I finished yesterday and I'm trying to get it heard.

    If you want, you can listen to it here: The Classic Fountain Pen

    I play guitar and drums on the song, while the piano is programmed.

  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zCNF-pgxdac

    That's a video greeting I made in response to a thread that Dave made on the Super Mario Kart Message Board. The intent behind the thread was for karters to post videos of themselves in an attempt to put a face to a name, to quote Joe. Since we are from different parts of the world, it wouldn't be likely that we'd get to meet, so why not make a video greeting.

    I posted the video here because I play a short song on guitar and do some improv drumming.

    You guys should make a video greeting too.

    1. BoldEnglishman


      Hmm sick drumming. I've heard that ultra-fast stuff before, and it's always interesting to actually see someone playing like that.

    2. spank


      Dude, you could take on the world playing like that.