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  1. Download: Gymnast-2011DecemberRingtones.zip

    For Christmas this year I made everyone in my family a "ringtone". It's guitar + drums, 11 mp3s, around 15 seconds each.

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    2. 40oz


      Nah I disagree. I think it's shameful for people to be digging themselves into debt to get the hottest christmas gifts. Or worse -- gift cards. The best gifts you can get are ones you can make, especially because they are very personalized that way. I don't believe money can easily translate into how much you care about someone. I think ringtones are a pretty awesome example of a cool, free, home-made christmas gift.

    3. Csonicgo


      40oz said:

      I didn't get anything


    4. TimeOfDeath


      I don't like spending money on gifts. I definitely am a cheap bastard, and my family knows that. :)

      Hopefully they'll feel the same way as 40oz. They probably won't actually use the mp3s as their ringtone, but I'm giving a music cd and data cd of the ringtones, plus a $10 bill.