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  1. Free Download: http://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com/album/escaping-the-spiral-labyrinth-2013

    Escaping the Spiral Labyrinth
    by Nostril Caverns

    This album is a collection of short death metal "speed songs" (songs written in a small amount of time). The vocals tell the story of the Star Trek TNG episode "The Schizoid Man".

    There are 29 songs that last 44:49.

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      I disagree. It's not oldschool death metal, but it's still death metal. This was inspired by Exhumed, Gorguts, Gorgasm, Goatwhore, Nile.

    3. Cupboard


      I don't know squat about death metal but listened to a few then skipped to the last song which was appreciated most because of its hypnotic quality.

      Enjoyed the epic of "Hurber" from 2012 a lot more since I enjoy progressive jazz/metal/rock.

    4. DoomUK


      TimeOfDeath said:

      This was inspired by Exhumed, Gorguts, Gorgasm, Goatwhore, Nile.

      I'm not hearing it.

      Though out of these bands, Nile is the only one I like - which is perhaps why your music is lost on me.

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