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    2. FireFish


      Liked it on youtube.
      This reminds me of some band or song but i do not which one exactly.
      I also noticed this to have some unconventional rhythm.

    3. Springy


      Sunshine, what the fuck happened to your bad arse beard? I am personally not a fan of the vocals but the instrumental is really good. Do you have a soundcloud or some other type of music site profile?

    4. TimeOfDeath


      Thanks. Krispy, yep you got the Stewart reference. 40oz, wii is cool but I don't play shows by myself (and I'd rather work alone anyway). Springy, I shaved off my Amish beard last year but am growing a new one. Link is http://nostrilcaverns.bandcamp.com (stuff before 2003 has a drum machine, stuff from 2003-2013 has raw sounding drums, recording real drums is an expensive pain in the ass).