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  1. I don't have a phone and they require you to download the instagram app to sign up. I downloaded BlueStacks to emulate a mobile device, but after installing it it already used over 200MB of internet data which is way too much. So I was wondering if someone with a phone + instagram could make me an account? Once the account is created, I can use instagram normally on my computer.

    PM if interested

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    2. TimeOfDeath


      That's why I want one, to check out the pics hot celebrities post of themselves. What an age we live in!

      By the way, creating an account with BlueStacks worked. Download BlueStacks and install, then download the instagram APK file and install, then open instagram from within BlueStacks, click "sign up" and enter email/username/password, go to your email account and click the activation email. Now you can use instagram from your computer and delete BlueStacks forever because it's a huge data hog.

    3. Memfis


      Ok thx, maybe I'll try it. How much data approximately did it use?

    4. TimeOfDeath


      It used 200+MB while installing and it was really laggy on my windows 7 computer. Plus it loads at startup and auto-updates in the background even if you stop it, so I uninstalled it. BUT, using it to make an instagram account was very easy.

      btw, instagram is awesome. Create an account, follow people, go to instagram.com and it shows all the newest pics by the people you follow.