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  1. = Antennas
    = Channel List

    In 2012 I started watching tv the oldschool way with an outdoor antenna pointed at tv transmitters atop tall ground towers (called over-the-air tv, or broadcast tv, or terrestrial tv). I regularly pick up 22 transmitters with 31 channels (most are HD) and it's free. Right now I'm using a homemade antenna for channel 14-51 (left/top and right) and a store-bought antenna for channel 7-13 (left/bottom).

    But the fun part is when certain atmospheric conditions occur, allowing the signals from distant transmitters to travel much farther than normal and reach your antenna and sometimes be strong enough to appear on your tv screen for hours or just a matter of seconds. The fun part isn't watching the distant stations, it's scanning them in and collecting them because predicting the special atmospheric conditions and when these distant stations can be scanned into your tv isn't an exact science, so you have to be diligent and patient when turning your antenna searching for new channels. All transmitters aren't created equal as well, they operate at different power levels and pump out different amounts of signal, so it can be equally exciting to scan in a really low-power transmitter intended for a small land area compared to a high-power transmitter much farther away. Then there's also channel interference - there are only so many channels (7-51), so all of these distant channels have to fight with other distant channels and your regular channels before they can get to your tv screen. My 22 regular transmitters are mostly very strong, and 4 of them have never been replaced with a distant channel, so it's also exciting when conditions are strong enough to overpower one of your regular transmitters with a distant one.

    Does anyone see their local channels in this list?

    1. Memfis


      This brings back many memories. In childhood me and my brother used to stay at grandmother's village in Belarus every summer for like 2 months. We had a shitty small black and white TV, and most of the time it only had like 2 channels. But occasionally you could get channels 3 and 4, which were much more exciting because they had cooler movies and NO soap operas. I vividly remember dancing around with the antenna trying to find a good position for it. And when I would finally find a good position, of course it would only work well if I was standing in a very certain spot. It was a source of endless frustration but laughs too. We also both had a pocket radio, but only my brother's radio could connect to one of our favorite stations. That made me so jealous. So occasionally I would sneakily listen to it while he was cycling in the forest or something.

      Btw can you please respond to my PM? :) You can say yes or no, both would be OK, I just want to have a definite answer if possible. Sorry if that was a weird message...

    2. MrGlide


      I used to do this out at my grandmas house when I was a child. I don't watch tv anymore really. Haven't had tv in 8 years.