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    2. Bucket


      The computer records your best time and you "race" against it. If you notice, the ghost actually gets away from him from time to time, so there's definitely room for improvement.

    3. TimeOfDeath


      The ghost's time is 57"3x. You can get a ghost by driving through a race without hitting anything or falling off the track into lava/water/void.

      The Non-NBT world record is 56"98 (driven by me). Sure, there's room for improvement in the video, but I wasn't about to sit there for hours hugging a speaker with a camera on it to get a video with my hands in the picture AND a new world record (all world records have videos for them without hands). The time in the video would be ranked 3rd and getting it on video with my hands in the picture only using several tries is quite an achievement, to be honest (it's only 0"08 behind the 2nd ranked time). This video was just made for fun after a fellow mario karter asked for tips on this course.

      Oh, and Non-NBT is a style of racing that doesn't allow boosting through off-road parts of the course for getting shortcuts. NBT is a style that lets you boost anywhere. If you look at the top5 in my video, you see they're all 53 seconds something. Those times were driven in NBT style (but my NBT times are ranked lower than my Non-NBT times).

      http://www.mariokart64.com/smk/ NBT site
      http://www.mariokart64.com/smknonnbt/ Non-NBT site

    4. Csonicgo


      fraggle said:

      What's with the weird ghost image?

      you race against yourself at your best time. it's a clever method of getting "better" when you can race against yourself.