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  1. YO, check out the song Nostril Caverns: http://myspace.com/coracanning

    Dave plays drums and I play guitar. It's a live recording and is an instrumental mix of jazz, rock, metal, etc. that keeps changing.

    Dave and I live about 500km apart, so I sent him a midi file of the guitar and metronome so that he could play along to it and add drums. After he memorized the song and wrote the drum part, he drove down to my place and we practised the song together for two days and recorded it.

    Btw, the song Nostril Caverns was written before the map Nostril Caverns was made.

    I think we're playing a show on October 30th in Hamilton, Ontario. I haven't played live since high school battle of the bands in 2001 (also with Dave, funnily enough), so I'm kinda nervous.

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    2. DuckReconMajor


      such females have a value that is less than zero

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      DuckReconMajor said:

      such females have a value that is less than zero

      is better than null

    4. TimeOfDeath


      The vids have bad sound, but yeah, live vids from Oct. 30:

      Nostril Caverns

      Magic Mork

      more at http://youtube.com/coracanning

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