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  1. bones58

    Doom 1 or Doom 2 music?

    Cards on the table, which game has the best soundtrack? For me, Doom flattens Doom 2 in terms of music. The tracks are more memorable, energetic and even the downbeat ones like E2M4 and E1M8 are haunting. For me the only true dud is E1M6. As for Doom 2, I do have a nostalgia for them but most of the tunes are fairly low-key/underwhelming. The music for Icon of Sun however is as good as anything Bobby Prince ever produced which funnily enough was made during the Doom 1 development cycle. if anyone has got a case for TNT then I would be fascinated to hear it.
  2. bones58

    Doom 1 or Doom 2 music?

    My life would complete if a company used it as hold music.
  3. bones58

    would a slow song work in doom levels...?

    Still one of the most beautiful pieces of music I’ve ever heard in a video game.
  4. Using the available Bobby Prince midis from commercial Doom, what music do you feel would be more appropriate for a level? For example I think that E1M7 would suit a faster paced midi say for example E2M1s. This fits the whole Rocky, run and gun, chew through hitscanners vibe for EP1. Any thoughts?
  5. bones58

    Doom TNT Music

    I recognise opinions on TNT are very mixed on this forum but one aspect I feel doesn’t receive enough discussion is the music itself. For the record the intermission music is one of the most beautiful pieces of music in Doom. What are your thoughts ?
  6. bones58

    Honest opinions on Strife

    I noticed a mixed reaction on this forum to strife, which somewhat surprised me slightly because as far as atmosphere, immersion and story go I think it's one of the best games to ever use the doom engine. Your thoughts?
  7. bones58

    Single Most Iconic thing from Doom

    I would the cheats 'IDDQD' and 'IDKFA' have became one of the most iconic, well known cheats in video game history.
  8. bones58

    (Least) Favorite IWAD?

    Strife is my all time favorite IWAD. The story, the atmosphere, the weapons, the locations and the innovations built on the doom engine are considerable. The game does lose a bit of steam by the time you get to the factory but other than that it's easily in my top three games of all time. Shame it came out in 1996 rather than 1995, at least then it wouldn't have had Quake to make look like somewhat of a technological dinosaur.
  9. bones58

    Who thought... [cacodemon eyes]

    Jesus, 16 years of thinking that the two black slits are actually the Cyberdemons eyes. CANNOT UNSEE.
  10. bones58

    Which half of Final Doom is better?

    Well to that I say: And ?
  11. bones58

    The ultimate Strife sequence break

    Just want to say, IMO this game is the pinnacle of the doom engine.
  12. bones58

    What is the Anomaly exactly?

    Always wondered what it was. I thought it may be referring to the teleporters themselves, not sure really. Is it the platform doomguy uses to teleport into the shores of hell ? Or it the giant star where the Barons of Hell reside? Any thoughts?
  13. bones58

    What is the Anomaly exactly?

    Sorry, I should have been more clear. I'm just referring to what makes the Phobos & Deimos Anomalys.. well anomalys?
  14. So what's everyones thoughts on this episode? Did you feel it done hell justice or do you feel is didn't quite match the vision of being in the deepest reaches of inferno? I ask this because I was playing it today for the first time in a long while. Mount Erebus stands out as probably the most epic and open map of Doom 1. Hell keep is a little shakey, but the 'organic' floor, the eye switch, dead trees and red mountains for me, convey 'hell'. The best thing I can say about Slough of despair is that it's at least a challenge with Doom guy constantly scrounging for ammo but really apart from that, meh. As for Limbo, cool name, difficult map. I could NEVER get passed it when I was younger, it's perhaps a bit too much on the mazy side but at least there's a sense of anticipation of facing the final boss; pity that boss was so easy to kill. House of pain, well appearance wise this is one of my favorite Doom levels, the marble hallway with all the bodies pinned up on display like some sort of sick gallery really does justice to the name 'House of Pain'. Unholy cathedral has some very interesting architecture, pity the gameplay is a chore, I've never been fond of teleporter puzzles. Pandemonium is a fun map to play but suffers from lazy design, too much use of episode one textures imo. So what are your thoughts on inferno ?
  15. I'd agree with that. A higher tier monster with that pain chance better have high damage to prove any sort of challenge. They make an awesome sound when they die though.
  16. Instead of of patronising the guy, I agree with him about a lot of these things.
  17. bones58

    Doom2.wad is a bit... odd, isn't it?

    Don't get me wrong doom1.wad relies on marble tile textures too often for example, but I appreciate it for the fact it’s a far more colourful looking game than doom 2 is, even with all the new textures.
  18. bones58

    Doom2.wad is a bit... odd, isn't it?

    If I was to describe Doom2.wad in one word it would be: brown. Lots and lots of brown textures. Also the fact that it doesn't really have cohesive theme like Doom and the hell levels just look like underground facilities don’t help matters much.
  19. bones58

    Best Doom Console Port?

    My only problem with the PSX version is that it doesn't contain half the textures the PC version possesses. What gives? This was the same system that had fully 3d games like Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot and Spyro the Dragon. Yet it couldn't handle a fully detailed PC version lookalike?
  20. bones58

    Favorite level name?

    There's plenty of varied names for Doom levels from the literal "Hanger" to the ambiguous "Dis". So what is your favorite level name, that you feel gives the map a certain atmosphere, is held true by the textures and architeture or is just plain cool? My vote goes to Phobos Anomaly, for the first time playing how were you suppose to know what exactly this anomaly is? Plus it just *sounds* foreboding.
  21. bones58

    TNT Level End Music?

    Always thought it sounded a bit surreal and out of place for end level music, especially since Doom 1 and 2 had upbeat rock tracks for Level end music. Is there any meaning to it? Or story behind it for that matter?
  22. bones58

    Doom disturbed me.

    Doom never did actually terrify me but it did creep me out. The pinkies demons really did creep me out when I was 3 years old. Just the yellow eyes and the speed :O and then those big jaws coming down to munch your face. And for the record Icon of Sins music is the most evil sounding music I have ever heard. But the music that creeped me out the most was e1m8. I still can't listen to that at night in the dark.
  23. For me it's the damn chaingunners grrrrr. They usually don't come down with one shell unless you are pretty close to them, which is rather deadly considering how accurate chaingunners are.
  24. Wow printz thank you very much for linking that story. All I can say is....incredible, the author adds an entirely different dimension to the Doom universe. Did he get the publishing deal?
  25. bones58

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    lol but the point was I trying to make was that you find being 15 is not really all it's cracked up to be. Mind you, most things are like that. Why am I so pessimistic today? :$