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  1. Adding monster to my wad

    I can tell you that every sincle sector I created a line is.. the hole map are just 100 lines crossing eyother very weird... Its just a Fatal error or something But i think thats because i do something wrong with adding monsters in my wad.. can you explain me how you always add monsters to your wad?
  2. Adding monster to my wad

    Hi all, I found a nice monster in the Monster Rescource wad so I want to put it in my wad.. But if I copie the Sprites into my wad then the map screwes up I dont know why.. Can somebody explain me good how to put a monster into my wad. Thanks!!
  3. Briefing Script

    Thank you .. this information is very usefull for me :)
  4. Briefing Script

    Yes Enjay thats what i mean :) But how do i create my own Intermission message? Thanks for the reactions
  5. Briefing Script

    OK i want to try to make the script with XWE I can make the SCRIPTS entry. But with what command do i have to start? Thanks for your help
  6. Briefing Script

    I've got Doom builder, can i build scripts with that level editor? Please tell me how :)
  7. Briefing Script

    Hello, Several weeks ago i started creating maps for Zdoom. Now i want to make a short briefing like the one you see when you compleet map30 in Doom2. But how do i make that with XWE? The only thing I know is that you have to add a Entry named SCRIPT. Thanks, I hope you understand me.. because my english is not verry good :P
  8. Problem starting made map

    Hello When im starting my made doom2 map .. he's giving a error. It's says: ATTENTION: THIS VERSION OF DOOM HAS BEEN MODIFIED. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO GET A COPY OF THE ORIGINAL GAME, CALL 1-800-IDGAMES OR SEE README FILE. YOU WILL NOT RECIEVE TECHNICAL SUPPORT FOR MODIFIED GAMES. PRESS ENTER TO CONTINUE. I don't understand because I got a original CD and when I continue, i start in level 1 of doom 2. Does somebody no how I can play my self made maps on doom2???? Doom Noob