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  1. Okay, I decided to look into this a little bit more. The crash occurs when r_things.c is compiled with optimization level 2 (-O2) on GCC 3.3.3. However, it doesn't occur when it is compiled with -O0, -O1, or -O3. For the time being, I guess I'll just compile r_things.c with an optimization level other than 2.
  2. Nope, neither disabling sound nor updating SDL_mixer fixed anything, even with a recompile. It still crashes every time in the exact same place.
  3. I should have also mentioned this was on my very first run of eternity and it crashed as the demo started playing when I left the menu. The resolution change may very well have been irralivant. FYI, I compiled with GCC 3.3.3, glibc 2.3.3, Xorg 6.8.2, SDL 1.2.10, and SDL_mixer 1.2.6. Edit: I confirmed that the resolution change has nothing to do with the crash. The game crashes during demo playback or during gameplay. I get a crash shortly after I leave the start area in the Eternity start map.
  4. Eternity crashes exit the menu after setting the resolution. Here is the backtrace:Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault. [Switching to Thread 1078891168 (LWP 31382)] R_DrawMaskedColumn (column=0x431329bc) at r_things.c:442 442 while(column->topdelta != 0xff) (gdb) bt #0 R_DrawMaskedColumn (column=0x431329bc) at r_things.c:442 #1 0x080bc681 in R_DrawVisSprite (vis=0xbfffbf80, x1=386, x2=632) at r_things.c:610 #2 0x080bd381 in R_DrawPSprite (psp=0x815850c) at r_things.c:1013 #3 0x080bd51e in R_DrawPlayerSprites () at r_things.c:1062 #4 0x080b71a6 in R_RenderPlayerView (player=0x81583c0, camerapoint=0x0) at r_main.c:704 #5 0x0805bb24 in D_Display () at d_main.c:257 #6 0x0805cf67 in D_DoomMain () at d_main.c:2483 #7 0x080ca61f in main (argc=-2011536, argv=0xffe14e70) at i_main.c:74As you can see, a Segmentation Fault was caused when trying to access memory at the address 0x431329bc.