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  1. charliedontsurf

    Was the Doom movie good?

    Sam? Sam Raimi? God, I hope you're right. Sam Raimi directed all 3 Evil Dead movies, as well as the very cool Darkman. If anybody can do a good job of directing/producing a Doom movie, goddammit it's got to be Sam Raimi!!!!
  2. charliedontsurf

    The 90's novelisation of Doom

    Sorry 'bout this post guy's, didn't even think to do a search. And don't be embaressed about liking the Doom novels, if we all liked the same shite we would be a bunch of boring clones. Cool reply though. Yer, I saw some of the Dante references, but not H.P Lovecraft! Guess I'm gonna have to re-read 'em agin!
  3. charliedontsurf

    The 90's novelisation of Doom

    Am I the only fan of these books? I know they were rather cheesy, but there was some very insightful comments that went beyond the game itself, and into the realm of social commentary. Not very prophetic or even intellectual as some of the great sci-fi/military minds, but these novels raised some very relevant topics, suchs as Jihad and the role of women and sexuality in modern (western) war, pre 9-11. Or am I just reaching? I read these books as they were released, and for some reason they left an indelible impression om me as the game itself, but for different reasons.
  4. charliedontsurf


    Why did my last post about MESHUGAH not turn up, but was responded to? Anyhoo, Benzin is probably one of the coolest Rammstein songs ever, and I would LOVE to hear a Meshugah cover. My roommate has a fairly extensive Meshugah collection, from way back in the day's of '89, so if I can hunt it down I will make sure you get a copy.
  5. charliedontsurf

    Was the Doom movie good?

    I thought the FPS action sequence was awesome, and that the whole movie should of been shot that way. The Rock (what a name!) did a good job with a piss weak script, but really, was this movie written by monkey's? With an amazing sub-culture of Doom literature, how did these guys fuck up a basic premise? The best thing about Doom was it's simple military/scientific and religious background and atmospheric set's. But someone dropped the ball hardcore, and I think the Doom community suffered because of a minority of IDIOT'S who thought they could make some money out of distorting a genre bending phenomenon. But that's Hollywood for ya...
  6. charliedontsurf

    Funny things in Doom

    I was helped by a pair of Sgt's to take a CyberDeomon down. They were ignoring me, he was ignoring them, and I managed to dodge his rocket attack's for the duration of the fight. I even felt bad about killing them... that was on a mate's WAD.
  7. charliedontsurf

    stuff you do when you're really bored

    Monster massacre's seem to be a favourite. When I'm bored, the old idclip comes in handy. Enter a room full of monster's, fire off a few shot's then retreat behind a wall to watch the mayhem. That, and chemically enhancing oneself and going for a idclip wander through the digitised nothingness of the worldbeyond the framework of Doom levels.
  8. charliedontsurf

    How do you play?

    I'm a big fan of the devastating shotty blast to the face followed by a quick duck 'round the corner whilst I reload. That way, you can take out the nearest Demon and get a glimpse of the remaining opposition and the lay-out of the room. But, it's not a great tactic if you want to complete a level without dying. For some reason, I was never an advocate of saving mid-level, but I think that helped improve my skills in later FPS games... but I digress. I'm old school when it comes to these games, i.e the best defense is an offense. Go the shotty!!!
  9. charliedontsurf

    Your pet peeves of Doom!

    I find that the things that shit me the most about Doom are the same things that keep me coming back for more. Mostly when shit jumps out of the darkness... I still have trouble with Doom3; I don't like playing it without a flashlight mod, but hopefully, one day, I'll stop shitting my pants and sitting in the one spot trying to work up the courage to have a peek 'round the next corner. But, maybe if that happens the Doom experience will be lost to me... I hope not.
  10. charliedontsurf

    how much time have you spent on the Doom series

    What scary question! I first played the game Xmas eve night 93', and still play it regularly as a 25 1/2 year old. Shit, it feels like a lifetime. But no regrets...
  11. charliedontsurf

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    Wow, it's funny how some memories can trigger others. I remember coming home from an all night party in a paddock somewhere, I would of been 15 or 16, more then a little drunk, and coming down from an acid trip. That night, a fellow Doom freak had givin' me my first Doom cheat, idclip. That morning I literally sat there just pressing the forward arrow and watching the graphics distort and morph and pitch and sway and who nows what else. It was E1M1 on Doom 2, still one of my nostalgic fave's. That was the same morning I actually figured out that, if you turned left instead of jumping straight down the ledge, you could find the chainsaw and get some serious chopping time. *Sigh* to be a kid in the nineties again...
  12. charliedontsurf

    Most Memorable Doom Experience

    My first Doom experience is also one of my most cherised memories. Ahh, sweet nostalgia... It was december '93, my mother and I were doing some late Xmas shopping at the local shopping centre, and we passed one of the computer shops with a big open front. They had maybe four or five pc's facing the front of the store with the Doom menu playing on every one. I still can't describe the excitement I felt, the immediate realisation that I MUST play this game. The graphics, the sounds... (strangely, I can still remember everything about the first time I laid eyes upon those pc's) I convinced mother that my cousins would love this game (they had just up graded from a Commodore 64 to a 386) so we bought it. The next day, Xmas eve, The four of us, my 3 cousins and I, managed to convince our respective parents to allow us to open one present each at the stroke of midnight. One of my cousins had recieved an M&M dispenser, and several packs of peanut M&M's, and we sat up the whole night, the whole of next day and into the next playing Doom and eating peanut M&M's. To this day, I still can't eat a peanut M&M without being forcefully thrust back to the age of 12, the sites and smells, the excitement of Xmas, sitting in my cousin's upstairs loft playing the greatest game EVER made. That's the kind of memory you take with you to the grave. Good times...