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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. My map is well within these limits. Max. distance between any two vertices is around 12000. Max x or y is around 8700 (absolute).
  2. Don't worry, I am close to 1000 tags without a problem.
  3. I have made a very big map. Vertices were up to 51649 when Doom Builder reported "Failed to complete operation: maximum number of vertices reached" when loading the map. While the map was still playable there was one problem: the erratic behaviour of Linedef actions scrolling type 48 Texture Scroll Left and 85 Texture Scroll Right. I am running the WAD with PrBoom plus. Some textures on lines with type 48 or 85 were scrolling and some were not. I have now reduced the number of vertices to 45755 and I don't get the warning message anymore. The erratic behaviour stayed, and worse, after I removed all the type 85 actions, several textures still scroll although set to type 0. Go figure. I have erased and drawn anew several lines but it did not solve the problem. How do I correct this?
  4. 54. I am playing since 1998 and designing levels since 2000. I am a senior academic at a university. ;-)
  5. I am using prBoom +. I don't mind switching to another nodebuilder but what I use now works so I tend to be cautious. I would be happy to hear recommendations. I have three ZDBSP options in BD2. Which one should I use?
  6. I know my reply is 13 years down to road but contrary to what I have seen in various forum postings and websites in am currently working on a huge level which currently has the following statistics: Vertices: 52620 Linedefs 61454 Sidedefs 111554 Sectors 4414 Things 2131 The level is based on PrBoom and DOOM 1, editing is done in Doom Builder 2. Nodebuilding for saving map: DeepBSP - Normal Nodeduilding for testing BSP - W32 -Normal Everything runs smoothly, although I get a warning from BD 2 when opening the map for editing: "Failed to complete operation: maximum number of vertices reached." The map is nevertheless opened and ready for editing. I have not found any missing vertices yet. At some point in the development of my map I had gone into some very intrinsic detail that had caused my level to reach: Vertices: 52611 Linedefs 65259 Sidedefs 119661 Sectors 4435 Things 2104 and the map would not run with PrBoom. Instead the original Doom 1 map would be run. So the practical limit is somewhere between these two statistics. So, deep was correct when he wrote that: "The linedefs or vertices instead become the absolute limit at 65536." I can't get the Node Viewer to work at this map size because it always crashes, so I can't tell you what nuber of segments my map got to.
  7. I want to design a ship in deep water (Boom 242) where you can see the upper part of the ship above the water line and the lower part below the water line. The ship should not touch the bottom of the water but appear suspended. And it should have a "real" deck the space marine can walk on. My problem is that I can design either the upper part of the ship looking right or the lower part but not both. I attach two images that show the option where it looks right above the water line but the hull touches the bottom. Is there a solution to this? Maybe fake ceiling/floor in the control sector also?
  8. I would like to test your map. I would also like to ask you to test my map which is only a short time before publication. I hope reciprocal testing adds some extra benefit as far as feedback is concerned. ryg
  9. Thank you guys, you were all right. The problem is fixed. You should get my PWAD in \newstuff in the next few weeks. ryg
  10. I have a problem with the display of texture alignments when running my PWAD with PrBoom under Windows. The same occurred using OpenGL PrBoom under Windows. The WAD is very big, around 1.5 MB. When it was in its earlier stages, the problem did not occur. It arose only with the last trimmings before finishing the map. But I cannot pinpoint the change that caused it. A sizable part of the textures display badly aligned though there are all correctly set. I run the PWAD with ZDOOM under Windows and it displayed correctly. I have sent the PWAD to other people and they run it with PrBoom under Linux and there it displayed as it should. Any ideas how to solve the problem? Thank you ryg