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  1. This is a super pertinent thread. Your contribution is very important. It helped me identify a problem I was not aware of. I thought that ZDoom players will look at the description because they want to experience the challenge the way it was intended.
  2. ryg

    Post Your Mapping Tips

    As much as one of the fun parts of Doom editing is that you can create unrealistic scenarios, actually realistic scenarios will come across as "real" and will be optically accepted as "making sense" by the player. Look around yourself in real life and see what can be used as an inspiration for a piece of Doom map. I am adding two examples of real life architecture that I adapted for my Doom maps. When I saw these places I said to myself, I have to do this in Doom. Never mind that a staircase with a ground floor as well as lower and upper floors, all solid and you can look at all floors at the same time is no trivial feat in Doom. It beckoned me and I made it happen. The other example is a preparation for a glass elevator.
  3. ryg

    Sit the doomguy down

    See the chair and the desk. The last two images show the player standing and then sitting at the desk. 5spiders222mini.zip
  4. ryg

    Sit the doomguy down

    I would like to create a chair and sit the doomguy down. This, of course only from the subjective view of the human player. It would only look good in single play in First Person view. I know you cannot make this work in coop or deathmatch because you would see the doomguy from the outside and he cannot bend his knees to sit down. I thought it would work like a 3D bridge combined with boom 242 action (fake floor and ceiling). The 3D bridge effect creates walkthrough parts of the chair made out of non-impassable middle textures. The fake floor would create the effect of getting lower (sitting down) while noit showing on lower floor level. My question is about dimensions. Player 1 (the doomguy) thing has a dimension of 32x56. How do I have to resize the area with the lower floor in order for the doomguy to "sit down" when he reaches the chair, meaning his line of sight gets lower by, let's say, 12 units?
  5. Problem solved. The erratic behaviour was due to too many sidedefs (over the limit of 256x256=65536). I reduced the number of sidedefs to just below the limit and the engine behaved correctly.
  6. ryg

    Nodebuilder compression

    Solved the problem after two really annoying days. The error message was wrong. There was no compression. The solution is to use other nodebuilders. The only nodebuilders that work this close to the sidedef number limit are ZDBSP, DeepBSP and zokumbsp (but only on the "no reject" option).
  7. ryg

    PrBoom-Plus, ver.

    Wonderful, thank you so much for a real good tip.
  8. ryg

    Nodebuilder compression

    OK, now something really wierd happenend. I cannot do any changes to my level without PrBoom plus telling me that it does not support ZDoom compressed nodes. What did I inadvertly do that the nodebuilder thinks I want compressed nodes? I have reduced my sidedefs to just under the allowed limit of 256x256=65536 to 65469 so I should be OK without compressed nodes which do not run anyway with PrBoom. My levels runs without problems but the moment I do any editing at all, save and and run a nodebuilder (not ZDoom compressed) I get the error message and the levels does not run. Any clues? I am really worried though I think the solution is a simple one. I just need your expertise.
  9. I am looking for a nodebuilder that can actually compress sidedefs and still be able to run the map. It has 97000 sidedefs. ZokumBSP crashed. DeepBSP and ZDBSP -Compress mode did not crash but the map cannot be run with PrBoom+. So, how do I get out of this? The Nodes Viewer plug-in in Doom Builder crashes when I try to run it.
  10. ryg

    Design etiquette - hidden linedefs

    Thank you, this is the answer I had hoped to receive. Down my alley...
  11. ryg

    Design etiquette - hidden linedefs

    In all modesty, I must say I came up with this idea by myself today after loading my current map in the latest version of DoomBuilderX with features an automap mode.
  12. ryg

    maximum single level size

    Maybe, sadly ZokumBSP crashed on my map.
  13. I have a design etiquette question. If I create an area where there are lots of design details on the ceiling (height differences, different ceiling textures) but on the floor it all looks the same, should I make the linedefs delineating these sectors hidden? Then they will not be shown on the map which is supposed to represent the floor (If I understood it correctly, it's a floor map). If the answer to this question is "yes, make them hidden" will it still be the same or different if there are differences in brightness which also show on the floor?
  14. Thank you for pointing this out. My map is well within these limits. Max. distance between any two vertices is around 12000. Max x or y is around 8700 (absolute).
  15. Don't worry, I am close to 1000 tags without a problem.