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  1. bob the hellspawn

    Don's Challenge?

    Gotta love the internet. Thanks!
  2. bob the hellspawn

    Don's Challenge?

    This may seem a bit old hat, but does anyone know where I can pick up the old DC1FULL.wad? I managed to find dcdemo.wad even though Cory Whittle's site is...um....yeah.
  3. bob the hellspawn

    Cold As Hell: Special Edition (final version)

    JonnyFive has officially dethroned Christian Bale as my hero! :D But CaH:SE still runs a bit funky on my machine...eh what the hell. mod = great
  4. bob the hellspawn

    Cooking Mama!

    No, it's not okay to kill plants because plants are people, too!
  5. bob the hellspawn

    Cooking Mama!

    Let's see what Maddox has to say about PETA and small, defenseless animals being used for food.... http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=grill
  6. bob the hellspawn

    How White is your Christmas?

    Our Christmases are about as white as used toilet-paper. Because it's all brown, dead grass, dead leaves, but in Maine? Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!
  7. bob the hellspawn

    Doom guy's catch phrases

    How about "Choo choo cha! Boogie! Choo choo cha! Choo ch....choo ch....." when Berserk pack starts to blink away. Or if anyones familiar with Don's Challenge, it's a bit like (Pain) Fuck you asshole Fuck me? Fuck you ya piece of shit (Killing something) Die die die! (Reloading you know its EDGE) Piece'a shit
  8. bob the hellspawn

    GZDoom + OpenGL = Frustration

    And my POS integrated chipset that won't even run Halo efficiently....
  9. bob the hellspawn

    The Archives are Doomed wads

    Aight thanks guys...and I downloaded worsthub, and OH MY GOOD HOLY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THIS MAP!?!!?!!!!!!!!!!????
  10. bob the hellspawn

    Gun mod poll

    Would this be the Cold as Hell mod? Man I haven't seen that since I first downloaded it. I think I'ma go get it now.
  11. bob the hellspawn

    If Doom had a Tome of Power

    We could mimic the classic Boomdoom, where everything, and we mean EVERYTHING explodes! And maybe Doomguy will be immune to every explosion except for the enemies' and his rocket launcher.
  12. bob the hellspawn

    Gun mod poll

    Time traveling! I like that. I like that. I think the people are right....drop some CS weaps and put in...um......handheld atomic bomb....
  13. bob the hellspawn

    The Archives are Doomed wads

    For those who are familiar with The Archives are Doomed, does anybody know the links to the actual wads "screwed with" in the mod? Its either that, or TAAD features the actual wads.
  14. bob the hellspawn

    Gun mod poll

  15. bob the hellspawn

    If Doom had a Tome of Power

    Well......... Fist- Hits 3 times as hard as the Berserk Pack Chainsaw- Sucks health outta enemies Pistol- Fires as fast as chaingun, and a little bit stronger (e.g. one shot kills a regular Zombieman) Shotgun- Twice as fast, twice as strong. Super Shotgun- Same....but....um.....ALL PELLETS ASPLODE!!! Chaingun- Fires twice as fast, and it shoots 2 rounds at the same time. Rocket Launcher- Larger explosion radius, faster firing Plasmagun- Fires at a really, really freaking fast pace, and has some splash damage. BFG- KILLS THE ENTIRE LEVEL!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAADS and depletes all ammo. And takes 50% of your health. Or we can have everything asplode.