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  1. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    Looks like the marine has been to parties of his own. Hint Hint.
  2. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    Or maybe it is the marine's 1st person view of himself holding a rabbit while looking at the burning butter flies and mass destruction as his blood boils to a shard rage. He than gets revenge and kills every thing that moves in doom2.
  3. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    Seeing daisy after beating doom always makes me laugh.
  4. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    I actually tried that once but I couldn't use it in any of my .wads with out making the game crash.
  5. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    That would be epic. but since when were you able to use daisy in the making of new doom.wads? I never heard of such a thing. and I had made doom.wads for 3 years and played the doom trilogy for 5 years.
  6. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    I canno't get my mind off of what could of been with that bunny. I just want to know the story behind the bunny even existing.
  7. rebdoomin

    Doom 1 or 2?

    Doom III is more frightning. I prefure any doom 95 game over Doom III though because having a DoomIII being made on the quake III engine screwed it up in my opinion. Of course, all the doom games are fun but i'm old school.
  8. rebdoomin

    The marine's pet bunny.

    During the many years of playing doom, a lot of us have always wondered what the story was behind the dead bunny at the end of doom1. I tried looking it up on doom wiki but it did not tell me very much exept it's name was Daisy. Would any body like to tell me about the rabbit?
  9. rebdoomin

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I remember the time I saw my first archvile. It screamed in my face and I started crying with a pulled nerve ☺
  10. rebdoomin

    Doom 1 or 2?

    I like Ultimate Doom better than Doom II. I love all the doom games but Ultimate doom started it all. ☺ I don't just play doom; I live it just like idsoftware.com said I would. I love the challenges in Ultimate doom and It's challenging but not too hard. I canno't stop playing it and I have beaten that game a million times. Its just so addicting and I can't stop playing it because there are always a level that needs to be replayed! In addition to doom I and doom II, you still are able to make new .wads even if you do get tired of the actual games. I love both games but Ultimate doom started it all.
  11. rebdoomin

    A WIP wad for Legacy

    wewt! your a friggen hero! Exept I cant get it to work with my doom legacy. When ever I try to run it on doom legacy, i get a error message that saids, "z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 136 byes Try to increase heap size using -mb parameter (actual heap size : 20 Mb)
  12. in the id software files section, theres a graphics pack called bio-tech or some thing like that. The graphics in that .wad make great technology/laboratory themed .wads theres plenty of graphics to choose from. I tried them and they pwn. I beleive theres even some "base" graphics.
  13. rebdoomin

    Top 10 Worst WAD Cliches

  14. rebdoomin

    Does Doom still make you jump?

    ive played that game for so long, that I feel practicaly immune to being forced to jump during the game. I think about four years.