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  1. I'm feeling that every Wolfenstein campaign that I've played - be it official game or mod - has been highly insightful and even educational. I don't care that it's obviously fiction, exaggerated and fantasized. All of them have highly elaborate stories which show that the authors did their research on history before writing the fiction.

    Virtually all games so far have been great at keeping the time period adequate with regards to real technology, and they have proper music and atmosphere. And occult conspiration stuff goes well with stuff like human experiments and skull/crossbone (SS Totenkopf) insignia, as well as sociopathic leader behaviour in general. And it's not far-fetched in real life either. It does give you clues of what peoples can do.

    Whenever I see a documentary about stuff such as the Holocaust, I want to play some Wolfenstein as a way to relieve the inevitable anger. Is this whole Wolfenstein / Nazi extermination an example of hate for hate? All these games basically treat Nazis as monsters, as acceptable targets. OK, it's just in-game self defense, you kill them so they don't do it first. But otherwise, nobody would dare to pick other kinds of political enemies as first-person-shooter targets, lest such games become bannable controversies. I've noticed that most games put you againt non-sapient predatory aliens, which is morally very safe. Wolf puts you against human perversion.

    I'm so glad that the Wolfenstein series is not dead at all (in fact it has even better backing than Doom, which nearly died at some point) and I'm really looking forward to Tormentor667's new mod!

    Just got myself the German version of RTCW. I absolutely appreciate that being German, the voice actors pronounce Wolfenstein properly, and not like Oolfenstine.

    Also, there's plenty of WW2 literature as well.

    1. 40oz


      Wolfenstein really is cool as shit. I love the mutants and super soldiers and undead and the other crazy mysterious scifi stuff that has some semblance of being plausible. Much better than any other WW2 game. Wolfenstein just does it better. It really gets you angry.

    2. Cupboard


      alternate timeline. The US, Britain, and Nazi Germany come to an understanding and collaborate on all future technological research, and create a hydrogen bomb within 4 years after the "negotiated surrender" of France and continental Europe to the Nazis. The US blows up Mao Zedong's forces with a strategic barrage of atomic weapons, and turns Chiang Kai-shek's junta into a puppet state. The British create mass panic as they blockade the Middle East and dictate the global oil prices. With blessings of the US and Britain, the Nazis begin deep-sea colonization of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and begin experimentation with geothermal underwater power plants. The US and Britain weaponize LSD, anthrax, Venomous Agent X, and small pox. Japan and USSR develop advanced intercontinental ballistic missles, capable of hitting any capital city of the world with a dirty bomb. An uneasy truce develops between East and West.

      B.J. Blazkowicz will have his hands full, but all that will be the least of his worries when he stumbles across the Nazi geothermal-powered corpse reanimator at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.