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  1. I want it to stop being a shame to place WolfSS enemies in normal Doom 2 levels. They have a legit threat level between that of the imp and the sergeant.

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    2. hardcore_gamer


      Why do the nazis in wolfenstein even wear blue shirts in the first place?

    3. printz


      I'm guessing id chose an art style similar to the 16-color mode. Or they wanted them to be color coded. Or they didn't want full realism (not even the guns seek to be all accurate historically). When I was first playing the game, I would call them by their colours (brown, white, green, blue).

    4. Phade102


      @hardcore_gamer They wanted to make the nazis in wolfenstein 3d look more comical. WW2 was still a rather tough subject for some people (Like the jews) and they wouldn't have been remotely comfortable with realistic (For the day) looking nazis in proper SS uniforms and such. So they made them look much less realistic.