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  1. Man, I wish I were part of a Doom PWAD team or community project. Always fun to build something together.


    But when I finally become one, I fail to deliver, by losing interest quickly.


    One thing's for certain, I need to find my place. I'm never decided if I want to design a strict vanilla map or a complex Eternity mod. The former is easier to get into, but very limiting. The latter is (practically) my port and I end up spending more time coding it (many bugs to fix) than making the mods I want for it. Also starting EE projects involves too much routine of setting up EMAPINFO, OPTIONS and the PKE folder structure, not to mention creating a Git repository for the mod.


    Also I tend to have random PWAD ideas by each day. If I start a level in one day, the other day I have a different inspiration incompatible with the first level, so I need to start another.

    1. hardcore_gamer


      The biggest reason people lose interest is because they don't have a plan. Without a plan there is no sense of progress which results in lost interest. You need to have pre-determined goals. For example, I start by determining how many areas a map should have and what it's layout should look like. Then I just start working.