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  1. nt

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    2. Danarchy


      Johnatone said:

      While the community is on this homoerotic romp, somebody needs to make a queer friendly doom wad full of rainbows, fudge packing imps and gay rights parades.

      Heh, you fags.

      While Johnatone is on this homophobic romp, somebody needs to make a Reverend Phelps friendly doom wad full of skinheads, IQ challenged jocks, and republican conventions.

      Heh, you nazi.

    3. Johnatone


      Danarchy said:

      Heh, you nazi.

      Oh, hush STFUYOUFAGGOT, I'm just trying to have fun with this. I mean no offense.

      But yes, thank you, I'd make an excellent nazi.

      Edited for Great JusticeTM*

      *Fuck, I fail it. Meh.

    4. Craigs


      This thread.

      YO MOMMAS GAY BITCH!!!!111

      I'm straight. A lot of people in my school seem to think I'm A-sexual though...

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