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  1. nt

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    2. Technician


      I'm on it! I'm working on the melee weapons. Fudge fist and razor dildo.

    3. Johnatone


      Heh, I can see it now:

      Imp Encounter 2: Taylor and the head of Romero

    4. Technician


      The skies will be of course white clouds and sunshine while others will be rainbow colored.

      The berserker will be Crystal meph and the armor is now peach flavored condoms and the blue will be replaced with ribbed low-rider. I think the potions should be strawberry coolers.

      The doom marine’s mug will be wearing a sailor’s hat and large frilly sunglasses and will have a slit between his two teeth. Hell he already looks like Elton John

      I'm working on the script. After a long night of partying and loads on Pepto-Bismol later the doom marine finds that the boy he partyed with claimed to be clean but in the end the marine got aids. You now must use your favorite "tools" and fight through all the night clubs and meadows of hell to gain revenge on the one who infected you; John Romero.

      This shit writes itself.

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