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  1. I finally got the curiosity for World of Warcraft (after reading lots of wowwiki, for the lore) so I downloaded my 10-day trial. And after a bunch of sessions, I can say I'm not impressed, at all.

    The beginning of the game consisted of my character talking to static NPCs giving me standard kill/fetch/talk-to quests, each rewarded by something or something else. You pretty much know what you have to do, and the characters stand there all the time giving directions to all players coming to them.

    At first I got quite a beating :( but it was because I was venturing outside my character level's scope. Unfortunately, once I met the monsters I was supposed to kill, I realized all I have to do is right click them and wait. Do the same a few more times, until the kill quest is done. It would have been cooler if these monsters attacked me first; but this was rather dumb. Actually, the killer monsters I mentioned before did seem to jump for me...

    Is the game going to get more interesting and have epic intrigues, or is it the same till the end? Feels rather Diablo-ish to me, minus the features that make the Diablos great, such as demons galore and bloodshed. I don't get it how I could possibly become "an addict" to it. It may only be the curiosity to see new landscapes, but the all-too-familiar combat-and-fetch gameplay let me down. I've seen it in Diablo.

    Of course, everyone is different and likes different crap, but what I'm trying to point here is that the "WoW addiction" didn't hit me. I hope it will hit me some time after I know what the real thing is like, though :(

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    2. Csonicgo


      It'll never be like GraalOnline. Of course that's now gone for good. That was my WoW in the 90s.

    3. DuckReconMajor


      ArmouredBlood said:

      @bank, some of my friends who play WoW say getting to the level cap is a whole new experience,

      Yeah, it's called "I'm bored now, lets quit." I'm so sick of people rushing to level cap. The other 59/69/79 levels are there for you to enjoy, not because Blizzard is mean.

      Xenphire said:

      Despite the fees the content updates are large enough to make expansions in themselves by standards of other online games.

      Other games' expansions are one dungeon and a couple gameplay changes? I can see why no one plays them.

      Xenphire said:

      you're still not even paying the same money for 5 current gen games that you finish within a week of buying.


      Mind you, I'm not trying to change your mind or sell this game to you - if it's not your think, then so be it - I'm just saying that truth of it is it's the WoW players paying a fraction of the money on gaming, not the other way around heh.

      Even before and after my days with WoW, it was rare I'd buy more than 4 games in a year. I mean really, what do you guys do, run to the credits, then put the game in the garbage?

    4. Xenaero


      I think monthly fees are really justified if you actually intend to play the game a good deal (like 10+ hours a month), if you're like me and only play every so often, monthly subscriptions for games don't seem so appealing. It's really down to personal preference because there's obviously people out there willing to pay the $15 per month to play a certain game, and they don't have any regrets about it. Most of them are casual players, not the hardcore junkies. At least I assume.

      You could also go the route of the recently released Global Agenda. You buy the game, and it's like Guild Wars in the sense there's no pay to play subscription for the base game. They have a mass-PvP game mode that they DO charge monthly for, though. So you can play standard group PvP and PvE if you wish, and if you get really involved and like the game, you can pay for the bigger features. To me, this seems like the best of both worlds. But that works for Global Agenda, not WoW.