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  1. I usually give meaning to the spheres: Supercharger: like Megasphere: awesome Invulnerability: laughing Partial Invisibility: wow The only problem with all this is that you can only see which reactions got given if you click on the number! This is kind of a waste. I wish we could see immediately what types of reactions each post got, with the most ones of a kind first. That way we could see which post got more megaspheres, which post got more superchargers etc.
  2. Maybe they're not skilled in hand to hand combat. They're more the "mage" type of monster.
  3. It should be noted that MBF and its derived ports have a gameplay option which changes the infighting thresholding logic. For example in MBF a monster that sees you will not easily switch targets to another monster for a few seconds. Also they may switch their target back to the real enemy if they fail to find the bothersome monster. Is this documented in the wiki?
  4. printz

    5 Levels for Heretic version 1.1

    A mixed bag of 5 levels. Levels 3 and 4 are particularly excellent, but the others tend to be mediocre. Most of the levels are designed in a very snakelike way, standing out from the stock style maps. However, the excessive bonuses tend to lower this set's rate.
  5. printz

    Unholy Cathedral

    A pretty good level, though not totally remarkable. It can be deceivingly hard at some moments, so be careful.
  6. printz

    Heretic Un_wad

    Definitely a newbie map, with lots of huge undetailed areas and straightforward, easy combat. Is is finishable.
  7. I'm all for custom content. The world doesn't need to be stale with the same species over and over.
  8. printz

    GRANITE WAD - Heretic

    This is a very tough level set in a rocky mountain where you have to scale walls while extremely powerful monsters shoot at you. Even though it may seem crazy at first, it can be solved. 4/5 for the original level design. Most maps are simple castles and dungeons, but this one tried something different.
  9. printz


    Nicely designed dock/city level with a very cool use of weather effects. Unfortunately it's pretty short.
  10. printz


    This is the first 1996 wad! It's indeed a quest level, though it's not that great. To have any chance of survival, you need to search carefully.
  11. printz

    Building K

    This is a pretty tough map with unusual design, with some immense rooms. The level of detail is low. You will need to find a completely unmarked secret to progress. Just try every wall (it's not hidden in a slime area though).
  12. printz


    This is one of the first user made Heretic episodes. It's got nine levels, though their quality is Wolf3D-like with maze layouts and generally flat. Still, the pacing is great, with nonstop combat and stuff changing around as you progress, and I really liked the quest for the secret exit, so it gets 4/5.
  13. printz


    A very good level, which starts easy but steadily gets tougher and tougher. It has everything in it. HINT: never trust a teleporter! Also, as usual, only use items when you really need them.
  14. printz

    The Citadel for Heretic version 1.1

    This is a castle level, full of exploration of small rooms and passages. The weapons and enemies are on the low end side, but there are lots of them. The best way to play it is to check the automap to visit any left uncharted areas.
  15. printz

    Why is it that....

    I keep wondering if this is why id decided not to give the BFG to the Spiderdemon. For a receiving player, it would have looked inconsistent if an explosion just one meter away became harmless just because the demon was out of sight then. The magic would have been lost. Granted, I also found it stupid how an imp just behind me was unaffected when I would fire it.