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  1. printz

    About the system console

    Removing the system console would require a different place to log messages. A candidate would be a text file created somewhere in the user folder. But it depends on what @Quasar thinks about such change.
  2. printz

    Less annoying E3M7

    You know you can add marks in the automap to keep track of teleportation routes? Open the automap and hit M to place a mark in your current location. It's not a bad design if you have ways to manage it.
  3. printz

    EDF Weapon Progress (completed and in dev builds)

    Yes, you can use A_FirePlayerMissile (check the Eternity wiki for FirePlayerMissile, the A_ prefix being optional). As for more complex attack patterns (typical for custom weapons, especially magical Heretic ones such as crossbow): I fear that's a more complex issue. Hopefully Aeon (deep scripting) will provide freedom on that front (@Altazimuth) .
  4. printz

    Excellent source port, minor interface feedback

    The funny mouse cursor appeared as a side effect of changing the SDL video backend of Eternity. I agree it's out of place and we should fix it, even vanilla Doom has mouse support in menus, albeit without a cursor.
  5. printz

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I hope it can be played in PrBoom+ or Eternity without major glitches. Or even under Doom+, though I expect to see tutti frutti glitches.
  6. printz

    25 Years of Doom and the all-new Slayers Club

    I think I saw in the video the classic Doomguy's face with a mullet? I'd like to see that in a mod.
  7. printz

    Making the mastermind a better monster

    I'd just replace spiderdemon's chaingun with a BFG9000. A large, crazy monster deserves this big fucking gun. It's also fitting for the final Doom 1 boss to use the ultimate weapon. Of course, it's actually less effective than the chaingun in large arenas like E3M8, but virtually any smaller place will make the BFG spiderdemon truly terrifying. You can still kill it quickly with your BFG and they will still infight, but who cares? Their weapons are much more respectable now and much more dangerous,
  8. After eight months of hiatus, DRDTeam unofficial builds of Eternity for macOS are available again: https://devbuilds.drdteam.org/eternity-mac/. Thanks to Blzut3 for the help in fixing it, and for maintaining these builds in general! If you're on Mac and experience any problems with the official 4.00.00 build, please try any of the newer builds from the DRDTeam link above.
  9. Well, map01 looks good enough to keep me interesting. Also I like the melee focused combat.
  10. Another feedback: cooperative player starts are missing.
  11. printz

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    Dumb me. Thanks. I'll try. Don't give further hints now :)
  12. Actually nevermind ZDoom as I'm not sure how it works in that case. But trying in Doom2+ you get the REJECT effect. I guess, you can see with SLADE, do you have a zero-length REJECT lump? It should be finite length, proportional to the square of the sector count.
  13. printz

    Why is the modding community so extremely small?

    Because mods are free, not everyone wants to spend their time to benefit those millions of people for little to no compensation. Only few really dedicated ones do it, motivated by learning and the art of craft, as well as the social aspect (gaming communities). Regarding commercial modding: aren't there any games with built-in DLC stores? Where anyone may register and sell their own DLCs as DRM-protected expansions (so you can't just copy-paste them to others), provided they only reuse copyrighted work from said game (besides their original work).
  14. Is nobody using anything but ZDoom here? The wad suffers from REJECT issues: monsters randomly are unable to see or attack you. There's even an ambush after you pick up the plasma gun, and nearly all of the monsters (including revenants) are perfectly harmless. Even funnier, there's a barrel which is ineffective against them, also because of REJECT. Here's a FDA, run with Doom2+. Should play with any demo-compatible port such as Eternity or PrBoom+. You may want to try PrBoom+, I think it has some fast-forwarding. IDOL.LMP.zip Besides REJECT, there's another problem too: you can get stuck in a pit. There's that place with dual open/close switches. I thought it's part of the trick, getting up and running quickly on the platform. But once I'm up, as I go forward, I fall in a pit and remain stuck there.
  15. printz

    Outpost Alpha: A Vanilla Doom Map

    I got stuck early, trying to get the grey card. The barrels are indestructible. I played AutoDoom with a bot.