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  1. This is surprising for me, I didn't know that images are that closely limited. I thought the current servers are more spacious, but eh, it's not I who pays for Doomworld, so no good complaining. Guess it's back to DropBox (for which I even pay my money). And good luck passing the images through to the forums (due to their anti hotlinking rule). I will NOT delete my old attachments, I HATE time based information loss.
  2. Yes, as said, the codepointer responsible for ending the level no matter what (even if you die) is BrainDie, so you need to use Whacked4 or Dehacked to remove or avoid going into the frame with that codepointer. Just beware that then you'll have a perpetual vertical plane explosion in its place.
  3. I don't get it. The MIDI from nindoom or nin sounds to me at the same tempo as the original track. It just lacks the vocal part of the melody, you don't hear Trent Reznor singing "god money" and all that, so it will sound like a different tune as you only hear the instruments. The chorus in particular is totally different between the electric guitars and "BOW DOWN BEFORE THE ONE YOU SERVE, YOU'RE GOING TO GET WHAT YOU DESERVE!!!" I'd love a megawad or episode using entirely Nine Inch Nails MIDIs.
  4. printz

    Is it even fun to play Doom without saves?

    I prefer playing without saving, because it adds excitement. Nowadays if I save the game at key moments, the fun drops, because it becomes routine. I want to feel in danger when playing DOOM, and overcome that danger. Most of the gameplay in DOOM is like this, if you're careful it's perfectly survivable. The exception comes when I'm facing platforming puzzles unlikely to survive, because those require a bit of luck. And I also save when I need to go away; I'm not going full ironman.
  5. printz

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Holy shit, I just found out that damaging floors act when your weapon bobs to each extreme side! I learned about it from a YouTube comment here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltFw-PgbtiY&lc=UgzuZ7z67NkIdCWPc3R4AaABAg.9bIJV8oXNF29bIO8GcAOb_ and I checked it live, it confirmed! So there's a way to time your runs over damaging floors to minimize damage!
  6. printz

    How come the monsters don't run out of ammo?

    This is to prevent lame tactics where you hide in some place that would cause the DOOM AI to keep firing at you and never hit, until it runs out of ammo. Initially I tried it with the cyberdemon in E4M2, waiting for it to waste its rockets into the barrier, but it never happened. Monsters don't live long enough for it to matter, but I actually think it would be fun if monsters had limited ammo and were also capable of picking up ammo and health from the ground. I tried it once in QuakeC and it played well. Usually you really need to drag the combat around until you deplete their ammo.
  7. printz

    Which is cooler, Cacodemons or Pain Elementals?

    I've never considered Cacodemons cute/adorable. Yuck. They're evil floating demonic heads which take considerable beating and can easily overwhelm you from above. I love how DOOM (2016) made them even scarier. Pain Elementals are weirder and suffer from the "DOOM ][ is half-baked" syndrome. Notably here, the way they're totally harmless at close range or if the author put too many lost souls elsewhere. It totally breaks the tension knowing how trivially they can be made harmless. They also have a less aggressive expression than the Cacodemon, almost as they just want to produce lost souls, instead of wanting to kill you. The name of "Pain elemental" is odd, too. When you say "elemental", you usually mean an amorphous sentient creature made of some homogenous material, usually fire, water, air or dirt, not a Cacodemon taxonomy cousin. It reminds me of how the archvile was named "flaming spirits" in the "Official" DOOM FAQ, but it's still a humanoid... Need to vote? Cacodemons all the way, even though pain elementals are objectively more threatening since each elemental means more monsters than a single cacodemon. The cacos have a solid, unexploitable design. Elementals are more problematic, but easily neutralized in unrealistic ways.
  8. printz

    Doom 2 Intermission Maps (COMPLETE)

    You know what would be cool? If any of these user-made E4, Doom2, TNT or Plutonia intermission overworld maps got id's attention and were featured (with credit and commission) in any of the future classic DOOM re-releases...
  9. printz

    What country are you from?

    I would argue that Dobrogea is a much more strategic location worthy of conquest. It's defended, but by now, long distance hyper sonic mass destruction missiles exist, which can strike down all defensive structures, and civilian county seats for good measure. I live in Bucharest, which is also historically exposed to imperial powers. Sorry for derailing the thread, carry on with your origin descriptions. I see most of you are from America/Australia, but I'm glad to see some of you from less western countries too.
  10. printz

    Doom 3 source images

    It would be funny if DOOM3 had industrial tools product placement, and the entire UAC Martian base was an entire commercial for these brands capable of providing human conditions in space even when demons attack!
  11. printz

    Doom 3 deserves more official support! (+ Doom 64)

    There definitely are more mods than those, of above average quality, if you skip all the bad ones. Not many, true, but several to take you enough time to truly finish the Doom 3 third-party scene. I don't see DOOM3 ever reviving officially. It just feels like id got burned (unfairly, I say) trying to make a "different" game than their usual action-packed style, so, since DOOM2016, they pretended it never happened. They did make a half-hearted BFG Edition remake, but even that got shifted to generic action-packed mode. It's too bad, because I find DOOM2016 too wacky, repetitive and predictable with its combat and secret hunting formula. DOOM3 had a better progression, because you were supposed to survive a hostile environment with your wits, and anything could happen (with imperfect execution; it was mostly teleporting monsters), and it's pretty obviously just as good with DOOM ][.
  12. printz

    Changing player speed with DeHacked?

    Try to recommend, perhaps via a batch file or prominent text file notice, the use of the -turbo command-line parameter. For example, to halve the player speed, use: -turbo 50 EDIT: sorry, I see you asked for only Dehacked. But this workaround may help if you can make it as the recommended way to play your mod…
  13. I think the main problem with this is that sprites are drawn to always look at you vertically, not just straight ahead. A good set of 3D model replacements would need to rotate their heads vertically so they look just as natural as the sprites.
  14. printz

    Why is Doom more fun than Heretic?

    Is it, though? I find Heretic more fun than DOOM II, due to its superior feature set. I'm not going to repeat it, I said it several times in the past. What DOOM II has going for it is the more punishing gameplay and the tendency for mappers to make some evil levels, giving you a higher sense of accomplishment if you survive.
  15. printz

    Why Weren't Heretic 3 and Hexen 3 Made?

    Please have talking floating Tomes of Power with nice voices!
  16. It's easy to have pipe dreams about Heretic/Hexen resurfacing if Microsoft buy AcTiVisionBlizzard and that somehow connects id to Raven via the organization chart. But how popular are those games to be worth investing resources on? Heretic struggles to be well liked here as it is, it's always Doom DooM DOOM here. I don't think Hexen was ever that loved, and Raven have a history of constantly being the second fiddle, their games being rather generic fantasy anyway. You could easily interchange Hexen with Warcraft nowadays, nobody would notice. And even now, the idtech1 Heretic/Hexen games are already available on web stores, not abandoned. I just don't know what to think...
  17. printz

    White Plume Mountain II (HWHITE2.ZIP)

    A low-detail tunnel dungeon with tricks and traps, probably typical of dungeon crawlers. The execution falls rather flat, with too little detail and trial-and-error situations. Gameplay ends early, you don't need to go everywhere.
  18. I want to inform you that, until now, the uploads on the OP link were actually broken. I fixed it now; the new download link should work.
  19. Eternity development builds for macOS Since the macOS development builds from DRDTeam macOS fail to be made without any possible explanation (empty log files), I've decided to try my own at providing macOS development builds. You get them from my DropBox space. Here's a list of caveats The most recent build is at the bottom! Scroll down and pick the one with the latest date. The app packages are not signed at all. To be able to start them, you need to right click the app file in Finder and click "Open". Afterwards they'll work from double-clicking too. I'm doing this from my MacBook Pro laptop using a daily Automator job, so it may be just as shabby as you'd expect. You will not get any updates if my Mac is turned off. Hopefully it will work each time it's woken up. I use it frequently enough.
  20. printz

    Ever miss the analog world?

    Well, what do we have analogue: - books: people still dote over them. Their upside is that they don't need battery. My problem with my tablet is that I'm easily distracted to browse, such as here, instead of reading my Kindle app books. - theatre: a distinct type of show, I doubt it will go anywhere, because directing people and stage designers seems easier than making lots of cuts and effects for a movie. I guess it's more expensive on the long term to keep paying the actors to act the same plays. Anyway, plays involve a lot more dialogue, so the focus is more on interactions than visual effects. - musical instruments (including analogue amplifiers): we can just use computers to generate audio, we can even use AI to compose music, but we still seem to be heavily invested on analogue instruments played by real musicians. - vinyl discs: they still have their characteristic sound tone, maybe also smell. Seems to be a strong enough feeling that they're still marketed. - analogue gauges (such as for measurement tools): if their choice over digital saves me from worrying about batteries needed just to power a dumb display, sign me up!
  21. printz


    Interesting concept, but easy and still basic level. It involves lots of switches which let you progress, but the level design is too bare to be of great interest.
  22. printz

    Be Careful !

    A newbie level, with typical looks of it (square rooms, full bright areas, unescapable pits). Only one star, because it's also basic and short, despite the eerie-looking design in some places.
  23. printz

    Water Walls VI

    Yet another deathmatch map placed for single player with weak gameplay.
  24. printz

    Was Final Doom designed for the teleport bug?

    See my extra remark above; the grounded monsters do that (I only noticed that with Dehacked when I allowed monsters to travel over cliffs) but not the fliers, unless id added an extra check.