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  1. The Barnacles from Half Life scared me enough to quit the game, and I wasn't even a child. When I thought I saw hanging cables for climbing, I jumped on one and sure enough, I was hanging on it, except that I was rising up a little, had no actual control, and it was making a funny noise. When I looked up, DAMN. And my player character died immediately. Not exactly the same kind of thing, but after playing too much Prince of Persia: Sands of Time, where you must use a ritual dagger to fully kill your enemies, I soon had a nightmare where I used a kitchen bread knife to kill burglars who broke into my house.
  2. Would look great for an old-school vanilla DOOM episode though... The improvisation you made there would fit great with the vanilla DOOM tricks to make stuff within the limitations.
  3. printz

    Is Doom 3 good?

    DOOM 3 is great, it has some attention to detail missing from average games, and it still has classic DOOM unforgiving gameplay. I'd suggest you look around for some of the DOOM 3 "megawads" (actually I'd call them "gigapacks") too. "DOOM 3: Phobos" (need to play it when I get back to DOOM 3), "In Hell" and "Tested" are some great examples. See also all of @Kaiser and @hardcore_gamer's works! My disappointment with the original campaigns is that it was too formulaic in the sense that, just like DOOM 2, your main opponents are monsters. Anything else is just theatrical special effects to jump-scare you that an imp might have appeared behind you (which in fact is often telegraphed with teleport noises). To be really scary, it needed to have an "everything innocuous trying to kill you" vibe, but the world was mostly safe and linear. What is left is the overall "music" of the ambient noises, which is an art in itself. I guess that writing horror is like writing comedy, you need to be really subtle in order for it to work, and it will still be subjective. Its other letdown is that the way of modding it, while easy to learn, it's also time consuming. Many mods have died in development, or were left in a demo state: Reca|| to He||, Hexen Edge of Chaos. Or authors often complain about the difficulty of editing their maps. I have the original release of DOOM 3, not the BFG edition! I think it's the original you should get, I read too often that the BFG edition is a watered down mockery of DOOM 3. Currently, DOOM 3's advantages, for the player, over a powerful GZDoom mod, are: Fully 3D models with accurate collision models for projectiles and such. In GZDoom monsters are still sprites, until someone with enough talent can make models which look like the sprites. Fully 3D platform movement. Fully 3D physics calculation, no (remnants of) 2D calculations in a 3D world as it is with vanilla DOOM. Awesome dynamic lights and shadows. Photorealistic bumpmapping (I can easily imagine I'm in DOOM 3 when I look at real surfaces). This doesn't take into account DOOM 3's optimization specifically for cramped spaces, which a user won't notice, but designers are aware of. And choosing any other modern games (save for DOOM 2016+) deprives you of the "demonic sci-fi" world specific of DOOM.
  4. printz

    Anybody have opinions on last years macOS 32-bit purge?

    It destroyed my possibility of playing vanilla DOOM, Heretic, Hexen and Strife on the cloud! Until that upgrade, I would happily play them in the awesome "Boxer" port of DOSBox, which ran so smoothly. But since Boxer was 32-bit (themselves citing a limitation of DOSBox), it can run no more! Now there's some 64-bit alpha of it floating around the internet, but it runs much slower than before!! As it is now, I'm left in the mud. There's no limit-removing (or raising) way to play vanilla Heretic any more! Nor for Hexen.
  5. Let me know how can you make a Turing-complete Dehacked machine (as reference, the BOOM conveyor + fake players are Turing-complete because they let you design any conditional or looping mechanism that ultimately does whatever you want). Let me know if you can design a custom thing in Dehacked that can be placed in the editor to obtain arbitrary combinations of sector actions. Especially hacks which hurt the player don't count. I can understand that 4% damage "is nothing" in the great scheme of things, but still feels too dirty, as if the player is poisoned a little in order to achieve something out of the ordinary. This may make sense in hellish maps, but I'd rather not see it in clean techbase settings. I'd rather see something which doesn't harm the player.
  6. printz

    What's your opinion about saving?

    I only save when I have to leave the game, and I only load when returning. If I lose the game, then I'm always back to the pistol start of the level, overwriting the same save if I have to leave again. I just don't use saves to help my progress because it removes all excitement for me. After a long time of playing without saves, I tried to save again, but didn't find it fun, so I went back to no-saves. The DOOM monsters are all very easily manageable, you can survive all of them without getting hit, so with good reflexes you don't need saves. Also DOOM levels tend to have repeating patterns useful for survival: such as safe backtracking routes, which rarely ever get repopulated, and I can use them to retreat. Or I can spin to evade the projectiles. Or I have the plasma gun ready to mow down any repeat-fire monsters. And if I die, it just means I have to repeat the same thing tomorrow, with more care. It's not like I'm wasting more time today, and it's not like I'll be able to finish all WADs in my lifetime anyway, to have any good time reference to beat.
  7. printz

    Only MIDI Acepted right?

    MIDI is bad, because it sounds different depending on computer. And typically, most of the time, its instruments sound underwhelming compared to what can be achieved in actual recorded music (MP3, OGG, M4A etc.). And this one is bad because it's too big and requires you to get express approval from the maintainers. What we need is a MIDI-like music format with a predictable sound font. So what we need is a common sound font, which is hard, because not everyone will agree on the same style. Ultimately the best compromise would be a MIDI-like format where you store the list of instruments in a common lump or source. Having just one set of instruments for 20 songs would ultimately save space, compared to having 20 OGGs. But which music format can do that? This made me think. Do source ports support sound font lumps? So you can provide low-size music which sounds predictably the same on all computers. And potentially sound better than the default system sound font.
  8. printz

    What should be DOOMified next?

    I'd say that fits much better with Heretic. Much of the high-fantasy setting is already done. Also why just Warcraft II? In any case you'd have to avoid infringing on Blizzard's IP, so that it becomes a more generic humans-vs-monsters fantasy war setting (not that the world of Warcraft isn't pretty generic by now already). Similarly with Diablo. You can just have Hexen with a touch of DOOM and call it like Diablo.
  9. printz

    Anybody else not date?

    I usually date, if I have a love interest, but the quality varies. Sometimes I feel exhausted after a date, rather than excited. Often after a second date I decide to dump the girl because I don't see myself spending time with her. Other times it's I who is downright ghosted (or at least given clear hints and pretexts she doesn't have time for me). How do I find girls? Definitely NOT online. Dating apps like Tinder or Bumble don't work. The personal connection is far too weak to be able to keep conversations going, and the time wasted for swiping is huge. And cold-messaging girls on Facebook again is a crapshoot, because I'm just a stranger knocking on their spare time at that point. The way I find girls is by joining paid trips to various places, such as mountain hiking or touristic places. Lots of single women (and men) to meet in those trips. Or I go to events, sometimes I can find someone to talk to. It all comes naturally, starting with presenting each other and shaking hands, and is often helped by the woman I talk to, because she seems to enjoy more talking to me if she's attracted, so the conversation flows nicely. Asking to see each other later becomes a breeze. I don't go to bars to talk to strangers. I don't even know how that works. About self-confidence: 1. To be in shape, and if commutting to work/school allows, invest in a bike or adult kickscooter (not electric). I'm not even telling you to go to gym or jogging. This shall make you feel good and look attractive. Going hiking mountains each weekend also works wonders, if you have access. See my tip in the paragraph above. 2. Read books. Don't focus just on one if it's boring. You'll get better at talking because you'll know stuff. 3. When at work, focus on the job, don't slack. When at school or with homework, focus on studying. Do it fast enough so you're left with completely free spare time afterwards. 4. Don't be afraid to be quiet when you have nothing to say. Nobody will care. If they do, and ask why you're quiet, just say whatever you're thinking. But the key here is to be relaxed with your thoughts. Do not try to say stuff just so you say something. Just by listening to others, you'll find something to say later. Or not, if what they say is boring. In that case you can try to fall asleep! BUT, for me, the big elephant in the room is FRIENDS. Forget romantic interests, they come and go. But friends are supposed to be a lifetime investment, which I'm kinda neglecting. Falling in the friendzone, as they say, is something I'd love to be true!!
  10. printz

    Anybody have opinions on last years macOS 32-bit purge?

    I easily notarized my last AutoDoom or Eternity builds. It looks to me like an automatic process, unlike stuff like the app store reviewing.
  11. It may be less known, but monsters can also activate W1-Open door, wait, close! Also W1-normal lift.
  12. printz

    what are your thoughts on Perdition's Gate?

    Thanks for reminding me of this stuff which fails on Eternity :-(
  13. printz

    Choose your DOOM.

    I'd choose DOOM III provided I get mods and modding tools. I might prefer DOOM (2016) if I knew how it played, but never really tried it due to old computers :(
  14. printz

    Can you collab with other people in making megawads?

    I'm fascinated how some megawads manage to gather teams which proceed to work in private -- none of the publically joinable community project practice -- away from all forum eyes. Pretty sure that all the team leading authors need to have proven themselves independently up to that point. You can't just ask for help out of the blue -- you'll just get the new-project card and be derided. Also, asking for help on resources you may not be skilled in (such as new music or sprites) won't automatically work either. In the real world that's usually paid service, so without money, their motivation needs to come from elsewhere. All this means that you first need to prove to yourself and to others that you can finish a work by yourself before others willingly join you, improvising with anything out of your skill. God knows how many times I joined Doomworld community projects, only that later I stagnated, ghosted out or quit. Basically I need to be able to finish what I start. And finally, with team hobby projects, luck also matters: that someone willingly joins your project, and that they don't leave in the meantime.
  15. Assuming you use GZDoom, you can use ACS scripting with the GetActorClass function to check the type of the activator. I'm surprised Eternity doesn't have it implemented…
  16. Yeah, cool and all, but BSP is a major hindrance if we want to move ahead and have moving platforms.
  17. printz

    DOS box for doom is trash,change my mind.

    Crispy, schmispy. It doesn't support Heretic or Hexen! This means the only way to play limit removing Heretic maps without inaccurate source port bullshit is through DOSBox and Heretic+! Which would be totally fine if macOS support didn't lag behind as with Catalina.
  18. I think I have a better view over the prequel trilogy because I actually watched the The Clone Wars TV series, which had time to flesh out all characters. And that's why I said that a new TV series focused on the sequel's time may be good for Star Wars. I want to see more of these duck-faced stormtroopers, they seem more dangerous than the old frownfaces.
  19. I fully agree, the prequel trilogy elements really deserve more love, especially when they have a whole TV series (even if cartoon) in their canon and not just the widely criticized feature film trilogy. I wish that keeping it canon also meant they'd exploit it in their subsequent movies. Instead I'm tired of seeing the same motifs as in 1977-8x. I find the sequel trilogy to be more symbolic and poetic than having an actual plot. Force users liberally die, resurrect, reappear as powerful ghosts, project themselves at great distances without losing the force capabilities, can form strong telepathic links which end up having real effects to their peers. It's all very blurry now.
  20. printz

    Is heretic 2 any good?

    Yeah but compared to specialized games like Prince of Persia, the parkour aspect is rather weak. Also even if Corvus is equipped with a spear-staff which can even perform a few combos, he's still too exposed to melee damage, let alone projectiles, to be any fun. I tried fighting with the spear, but ended up preferring the ranged attacks, because I was open to all spear attacks of the infected sidhe. The game is definitely not as fast paced as Heretic I unfortunately. Due to the needed realism of showing a live humanoid, you're just no longer as maneuverable as in DOOM/Heretic. This makes the combat much smaller in scale. Also the enemies tend to be really aggressive, so you also need to be a lot more careful. Often it's like a cover shooter, where you need to get out of hiding to throw a fireball to an enemy who also throws fireballs continuously to you when he sees you -- this kind of gameplay. I also found it imbalanced. If I waste too much ammunition (mana and stuff) before facing one of the bosses, the game is practically lost, I have no chance. I mean that would be easy to fuck up in any classic game, but in this particular case I didn't really fuck up, and couldn't find any supplies or restart with more ammo... The use of the Quake II engine is another disadvantage, because that particular engine has aged terribly with regards to Windows support. Without any game studio's salvation of rerelease, I think it's doomed.
  21. Ah, so there was nothing caused by Force whatsoever in that instance? I honestly thought the Sith Dagger saved them by teleporting them aboard another deck as the ambiguously good/evil Force actions of Ren and Rey mixed up. The main characters even mentioned the Dagger soon after they thought Chewie died. But no, it's all much more mundane… Dunno, I like Poe. His face and voice remind me of Ash from Army of Darkness. The final battle has the realism of a video game, where a severely undersized one-player team is much more competent and manages to beat a behemoth computer-controlled army. That's all that I can justify on it. Honestly I think the writers stuck themselves in a corner here, and a tragic (but realistic) defeat would have made the whole battle futile and war lost (just like the characters keep admitting what would mean if they lose), and main box-office films can't afford to be cynical. And unfortunately second-rank productions such as books and side-films won't ever be allowed to sacrifice main characters either. Red storm troopers? I vaguely saw one. This idea reminds me of Crusader: No Regret (which I haven't played yet but sure enough has a red armoured hero). Sorry but suddenly becoming a card carrying villain (which is the only way to suddenly turn "evil" in such a situation) is way too cliché. I totally didn't expect Rey to be fooled by Palpatine, she knows better than that; she didn't even get to know him as a grandpa to have any bond. Maybe you can justify it by how the Force works — any negative emotion like fear or fury can easily poison you if you're a Jedi. Anakin was pretty much doomed early because he was so reckless and emotional, for example. But unfortunately the Disney/Lucasfilm writers stuck themselves in a corner — Rey should have gone mad soon after releasing Sith lightning. Personally I consider the best fate for the Star Wars storyline to be long-running episodic TV series, not single block-busters. TV series are much more capable of showing the villains grow and destroy everything we love, thanks to the power of season cliffhangers. They even have the chance to win in the end this way (due to possible cancellations)!
  22. The film was great and worth watching. Nothing major but very action packed and dramatic. Definitely much better than Star Wars 8 which was all so awkward and left a bitter taste. This one was an awesome ending to the saga! Hopefully Disney/Lucasfilm will continue pumping out sequels, but I hope they become more daring with the writing, as they have a tendency to reuse their classic characters and assets to oblivion. And anyway this has always been the problem, not just since Disney…
  23. printz

    How does this source port handle multiplayer?

    Summoning @Ladna (even though he actually left years ago) and especially @Edward850 :-P I haven't checked multiplayer development myself and I have zero experience unfortunately.
  24. printz

    what would a wolfenstein movie look like?

    That film was really so cringe worthy. Maybe it was just bad writing? It started up from a funny but interesting sci-fi premise, but toppled all over itself with the story, ending up with you hating everybody and feeling relatively sorry for the villains (who are still tainted with the racist behaviour, they aren't nice guys). It's probably a more realistic conclusion, but we don't need films to tell us that, the news are ripe with this. Sorry but Wolfenstein is built on top of historical heroism, it's about people who escaped atrocities and helped put an end to murderous regimes. It's only the side of the story of the survivors. It's not supposed to be cynical, even if the real world knows full well what happened to part of the world after WW2. Wolfenstein is supposed to make you feel proud, moved and righteous, not disgusted like the aforementioned Iron Sky.
  25. You can try with insta-moving floors, which are, for example, sectors triggered to move their floors up, but their target destination is something like the "lowest neighbouring" floor or ceiling. Since they're past that limit, they're forced to move instantly to that designated target. See DOOM.WAD E4M7 for an example, the gargoyle instantly opening doors from the corridors nearby. In your case, you can simulate moving objects by using consecutive walkover linedefs which instantly lower and raise the obstacle's sectors. And the obstacle sectors are made of a long band, where at any moment only one of them is up, the rest at floor level. The problem is that vanilla DOOM (if you're not even using BOOM) may not have sufficient actions for your purpose. What I know for sure is that you can have such as advancing walls (if you can't see behind them) but not sure about moving blocks in a room. Still, you can join these sectors with geometry outside the playable area, and take advantage of neighbouring sectors located there. I wish Doomworld forums had a virtual blackboard for posting here, so I can illustrate what I said here...