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  1. printz

    Enabling Jump

    There are several ways to do it: The cleanest way is to modify the player class to be able to jump. Have an EDF lump with this: playerdelta { name DoomMarine +AlwaysJump } This modifies the Doom marine to be able to jump. See also EDF player reference. (for anyone wondering how to use EDF, you need at least an EDFROOT lump with stdinclude("root.edf") at the beginning.) Alternatively, you can set to NO the "Disable unintended player jumping" setting in "Compatibility Options" menu. This can be set in the OPTIONS lump by comp_aircontrol 0 (the name is so because jumping automatically brings up a slight air control). Ultimately EMAPINFO has an option to disable-jump. A lot of the stuff from the previous paragraph is there for historical reasons. I would recommend to just update the player class, as it makes most sense.
  2. Check the Eternity Wiki UDMF page, I added one more flag there for "monster shooting" activation.
  3. printz

    Do you play a lot of 90's wads?

    Well, I'm posting reviews here on Doomworld for all of them :) I also recorded videos with several of them, but maybe not enough. Could think of a YouTube chronicle later, but I didn't quite log everything...
  4. printz

    Do you play a lot of 90's wads?

    I'm in a campaign to finish playing all Heretic PWADs from /idgames, and I'm playing them in chronological order. There are a few hundred wads to play. Most PWADs for any game are during the first or second year, the rest of the years are only by enthusiasts.
  5. I haven't met any obvious satanist. While I briefly had the chance to meet actual rockers and metalheads, they were either atheist or devout christians (the kind who would talk dirty and edgy all the time, but always cross themselves when seeing churches, and praying when going inside). And in my current more outdoor environments, people are less scene-like. Again, either atheist, christian or (worst of all) conspiracy nuts. No satanist in sight. The LaVeyan satanist philosophy doesn't really condone any conformity, you just do what you like, feels best to you and improves your "lesser magic". It's the philosophy of excellence. It may seem cool, but unfortunately it's the kind of philosophy that attracts Machiavellian types, i.e. the real life villains.
  6. printz

    Fat Reward & Ticket Home | My Farewell

    What about HPack? Who will lead it? It can't be me, because it's a GZDoom mod, I would rather focus on making Eternity work with Heretic...
  7. printz

    What is your opinion on Id Software's RAGE?

    What if you approach the Rage game with a "Doom" mindset? Just go in there and kill, the NPCs are simple quest givers. Granted, I did try Rage a bit... My problem was that it let me explore areas outside my quest, and instead of punishing me with overwhelming resistance for going there too early (as it happens in Diablo), I just get to waste time visiting a perfectly deserted location (which only gets populated when needed by quests). So much for the "Doom" mindset then. I'm also not fond of game vehicle scenes, because real vehicles crash, while in-game it's too easy to collide and developers don't want you to "game over" so soon. Also, personally, I hate ATVs, I wish they gave me a motorbike or something.
  8. printz

    Why do demons walk in place?

    I always considered this a regression from Wolfenstein 3D, and it doesn't help that surrounding games (save for the idTech/Doom clones) have full standing frames. It all goes along with everywhere Doom feels rushed and subpar, again in comparison with surrounding games: lack of patrolling behaviour, really buggy movement against environment, lack of aggression...
  9. Way too many people say that they used to download pirated content, but since then they have reformed and bought everything of it. I wonder how many are those who keep using the pirated content, because they already have it, no point spending money for what they already have... They're probably silent, because it's banworthy to condone warezing on public forums. Second, on the legal digital media vs. CD debate: I find the advantages of owning CDs pointless. If you want the nice CD booklet, instead you can just go to Wikipedia for similar info. Otherwise you still have the full music, without all the hassle of crappy old tech. Third, about digital streaming: just what the hell are you complaining about? Digital streamers like Apple Music offer about 99.9% of the music (the remaining 00.1% music can be bought digitally from owners) and the price is a "steal" (yeah, I wonder if it's really of any significance to artists).
  10. printz

    Eternity Engine 4.02.00 Forseti

    The in-game wad loader is a bit old and unmaintained. I would really like to fix it some day and make it much easier to use.
  11. I would say it's a fair safety net to compensate authors and artists for any future losses caused by widespread unlicensed copying -- provided they do get that tax money. Trouble is that by now the copying media is cloud storage, 100% digital. Tax that too? Add taxes to the ISP subscriptions?
  12. printz

    Eureka: defining custom monster sprite/icon in UI

    Ideally Eureka should be able to read mod definition files -- DEHACKED, DECORATE, ZSCRIPT, EDF etc. -- and parse the thing types from there. But this is a long way ahead.
  13. printz

    Eureka: defining custom monster sprite/icon in UI

    Yeah, loading resources from mission-pack folders is definitely something I need to implement. Until then, load the needed sprites into a small resource wad and load that wad too as a resource. I may page @andrewj (if still around here) to confirm about the last status of loading resources, in case I'm missing something.
  14. printz

    Eureka: defining custom monster sprite/icon in UI

    First, instead of modifying the main *things.ugh file, you can create a custom .ugh file and load it as a resource. In the File -> Manage Project dialog box, you can load it among the four resource files. The supported resource file extensions are .wad and .ugh. By default the resource file-open dialog box will be set to choose .wad, but you can change it in the drop down or similar UI to .ugh (on macOS you need to click the "Options" button from the file-open dialog to reveal the extension chooser). I've just attached an .ugh file for you to try (instead of ZBAM, it uses SMT2, which is an existing but unused Doom sprite). I do find this interface not obvious enough, so I'm writing this down to fix it for later. Also as a warning: this is very fragile. Any syntax error in the .ugh (or any loading of bad resource file such as .deh) is going to suddenly terminate Eureka with an error! I'm working to fix this… Second point: are you trying to load PK3-like folders as resources? Unless I'm missing something, this doesn't seem to be supported, but it's also an important thing to add… The only supported resource formats are .wad and .ugh. testmod.ugh.zip
  15. I hate the crazy-angry-killer-machine depiction of Doomguy, hinted in Doom 2016 as well as guest appearances like Quake III Arena, and all the memes/media about him (like the comic). It's as if the continued exposure to demonic combat made him insane. I prefer my Doomguy to just be a guy who wants to survive and explore, kinda like in Doom 3.

    1. seed


      What made you so angry about this depiction of Doomguy?


      The Doom comic is actually a pretty fun read. Read it last year and yeah it's ridiculous, but that's what makes it a fun read, and Doomguy monologuing non-stop, heh.

    2. printz


      I can't relate to such a character. I don't want to feel like I'm the toughest beast of hell, the nightmare of demons. I'm only trying to get past levels in one piece. This is getting ever harder as the PWAD design philosophy evolves and I lose training as I don't play Doom...

    3. MidnightMage


      Printz, I feel the same way. I like'd Doom more as a survival horror where Doomguy was trying to survive and save humanity.

      I am not overly fond of him being some bloodthirsty raging lunatic either. :P

  16. printz

    What does Doomguy have in his pockets?

    The automap PDA.
  17. Even if wads may be "harmless" data, they can be crafted in such a way to exploit source port vulnerabilities. I would watch out for malicious DEHACKED lumps. Also, I wouldn't trust every port author to be mindful about their script boundaries.
  18. I believe Doom II was practically v1.666, so any technical advances and optimizations are to be found in the v1.666 update, which eventually were easy enough to backport into Doom I. Here's something that bugs me: why did id use the decimal convention when going through v1.666 (1.6 < 1.666 < 1.7) but then went with a non-decimal one after v1.9 (1.9 < 1.10)?!
  19. printz

    We draw it, we map it

    This looks like a modern American city with blocks arranged in a grid.
  20. I hated the soundtrack of the Quake 1 mission packs. It was too repetitive and none as original as NIИ's. Also both mission packs have practically the same music style. The video game CD music age was really dorky because it was limited by the soundtrack space, so in practice you had very little music, repeated ad nauseam throughout the whole game. I just turned it off and went happy to just listen to the ambient noise, which is great in itself. Gameplay-wise, if you liked Quake, you will love its mission packs. They're both superior in level design, with more variety and challenge. They also feel complete, unlike original Quake which felt like it was missing content in the later game. I find both packs equally great. Scourge of Armagon has more new stuff to show off, while Dissolution of Eternity is more organic and evil.
  21. Game pricing becomes a non-issue once you have a job income. Until then, you need to wait for your parents to buy you games, or carefully manage your small financial aid (if at all) or the money provided by parents for your use.
  22. printz

    Making your own wads

    Why DOOM ][ and not Ultimate DOOM?
  23. printz

    Does anyone unironically use I'm Too Young To Die

    There's an incredible amount of PWADs where the designer was too lazy to add difficulty settings, so the only real options are ITYTD, UV and NM, which means I have to use ITYTD if it's too hard otherwise. Seriously, mappers, add difficulty settings, how much work can it be? Just keep 2/3 of the monsters on HMP and 1/3 on HNTR. You really shouldn't over-spend time on it, most people should play on UV, but if you're too good a player and make it too difficult, please offer the options. Otherwise, the skill level name "I'm Too Young To Die" speaks for itself: it's meant for younger players, probably children, who may not have the same coordination or gameplay experience, or may be easily scared.
  24. printz


    Quite a trial-and-error map where you need to save often.
  25. printz

    Languages thread!

    Based from @dmslr's post, I can identify Turkic patterns in there.